Multifactorial analysis of varieties, inputs and methods


Covers all species: Vegetables, FIeld crops, Forages, Perrenials and Flowers.


Test your variety, product or pratices

Design flexible protocols to test varieties, products and agricultural pratices.

Give your data an environmental context

Get reliable data from drones, captors and weather stations and valorize it.

Save time!

Save 30% of the time producing result reports.

Get a Multi-factorial approach

Build advanced protocols in less than 3 minutes.

How Bloomeo supports Agronomy Testing teams


Design protocols

Create your trials with a very high level of flexibility, on a user-friendly tool designed for variety, agronomy or product evaluation.

Design a diverse range of trials incorporating various experimental designs, randomization patterns, replications, locations and field setups.
Benefit from over 10 experimental designs, including CRD, RCBD, and augmented designs.

Use a multi-factorial approach by combining varieties, inputs and practices on a same trial. Multi-annual protocols can be designed to get a systemic approach and assess new cultivation practices on the long term.

Collect data from the field

Capture phenotypic data directly from the field using the Bloomeo mobile application available on IOS and Android platforms. Capture and edit pictures on the go. Benefit from a super intuitive interface to make high volumes of notations.
Each data point is submitted to a validation process and you get notifications in case of outliers.

The mobile application can be connected to scales, sensors and barcode readers for data capture automation. Also connect Bloomeo with drone systems for high-throughput phenotyping.

Collect your environmental data

Add context to each point of your dataset with additional layers of environmental data sourced from sensors and weather stations.
With Bloomeo you can provide environmental context to define more accurately your agronomic zones: trial locations, weather conditions, soil characteristics, cultivation practices, history.
Segment your locations and markets to make informed decisions based on specific conditions.

Monitor operations and teams

Manage daily operations and monitor all the seasonal workflow of trials with field operations and observation visits.
Allocate resources to tasks and get a real time vision of the work advancement with dashboards.
Generate custom labels and field layouts for easy reference. Keep your resource availability (seeds, inputs, machines, etc.) up to date along with their allocations. Maintain lists of partners to facilitate material, task, and information exchange.

Analyze and report

Take advantage of an embedded statistical analysis engine tailored for multi-factorial, multi-year, and multi-location trials.
Dive deep into your data using dynamic graphics that are highly customizable for your needs. The system automatically generates trial reports, for result vizualization and synthesis.

Connect with your partners

Use Bloomeo portal to share data with your partners. External partners can track work progress in real time using intuitive dashboards. Establish real-time connectivity between Bloomeo and any other inter-operable tool.
Benefit from API connections with climate data services or drone picture analysis services for enhanced data integration.
Efficient reporting tools enable you to share detailed results or protocol information with third parties easily.




Reunited around Bloomeo Agro-Testing

Accompany the digital transformation of your department

Pilot R&D

Use powerful dashboards to track KPIs and optimize task allocation within your team. Make informed decisions and enhance department efficiency.

Picto_normalize traits

Standardize notations for everyone

Unify the way your team assesses crops, environmental conditions, and diseases.


Inter-operate with other tools and systems

Drones, Satellites, Sensors, LIMS, CRM, and third-party software through API connection


For global organizations

Multi-languages, high security standards, multi-national teams, precise user-right management.

Picto_Extend to other department

Scale-up toother departments

One team can start with some features and add more over time, and you can onboard additional teams later.


Accelerate the onboarding of new coworkers

Knowledge management helps know-how transfer and teams to quickly adopt the user-friendly interface of Bloomeo.


They recommend Bloomeo Agro-Testing


Doriane's software meets the business needs of our research teams. The numerous functionalities of the software allow us to computerize all types of experiment or trial and to secure the data. Facilitating the link between the measurement tools and the central database Doriane's software simplifies data entry, avoids the risk of error and saves precious time!


The Interprofessional Technical
Center for Fruits and Vegetables

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Bloomeo project-related questions

Can I define flexible factors ?

On Bloomeo, the factors of study and their associated parameters can be defined with flexibility. Users can customize and adapt the factors of study for each trial, including crops, varieties, sowing density, inputs, irrigation, and more. These factors can be linked to a stock for reuse in other trials or used locally within a single trial.

Can I valorize the R packages I am already using ?

Several statistical tools are available natively on Bloomeo, including those for multi-factorial analysis at single or multiple locations. If you prefer to use an R package for a specific analysis, we offer the ability to integrate and run it directly within the software.

What is the process to follow if I want to integrate my drone data ?

Bloomeo is fully interoperable software that easily communicates with third-party systems, notably through APIs. If the drone company you work with is already on our partners list, the connection between the two systems is already established, requiring no additional effort. If the drone company is not on our partners list, our development team will design and maintain a specific API to bridge the two systems for your project, subject to additional service fees.

What is the process of data validation ?

Each recorded data point undergoes a validation process, either manually or automatically through outlier detection by algorithms. Moreover, limited choices and/or minimum and maximum values can be set for qualitative and quantitative traits, reducing errors during data entry.

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