Plant Breeding

Centralize germplasm, take smarter breeding decisions faster


Covers all species: Vegetables, FIeld crops, Forages, Perrenials and Flowers.



Leverage your germplasm potential

Standardize material and ontology coding to unleash and capitalize on your plant breeding expertise.

Gain efficiency in your operations

Pilot your team, trials and operations on the field with easy-to-use end to end

Increase collaboration

Same standards, same tools, same processes across the R&D department.

Secure your data

Collect, track, store and analyze data on your genotype, environment and phenotypes.

Bloomeo supports Plant Breeding across all your activities


Plan your breeding objectives

Put your department at the center of your organization.
Establish breeding goals aligned with market requirements to build a Product Design (or Target Variety Profile) with desired traits. This product design will be the backbone of your breeding program, enabling tracking of key performance indicators (KPIs) for alignment throughout the breeding pipeline.

Manage Germplasm and seed inventory

Centralize phenotypic, genetic, and pedigree information in one place. Monitor your entire germplasm collection in real-time, with pedigree information. Deep dive into family trees enriched with traits and photos.
Easily locate and review subsequent generations (lines or hybrids) of a specific parent with minimal effort. Centralize all pedigree data to streamline decisions regarding new combinations. Moreover, efficiently manage seed inventory by assigning custom codes (and barcodes), quantities, and storage locations to seed packets.

Enhance genetic variability by crossing

Use intuitive tools to walk through genetic families and gain deeper insights into your genetic pool. Identify optimal parental lines based on combining abilities and breeding values. Streamline cross selections using an intuitive matrix mode or batch processing with custom rules. Calculate inheritance patterns for specific traits. Manage all type of pollination including cross, backcross, self, open, synthetic and polycross. Visualize the genetic gains over years and the diversity over your genetic pool.

Organize your line advancements

Manage your breeding pipeline into “project mode” with workflows, dashboards and KPIs for effective tracking.
Get all the breeding methods for inbred lines selection including open pollination, selfing, bulk selection, single seed descent (SSD), and mass selection.
Employ advanced breeding methods such as cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS), double haploids, and cloning, with tailored coding capabilities.
Integrate Bloomeo with your decision-making tools for genomic breeding management. Store and visualize molecular markers results to facilitate marker-assisted selection.  

Manage multi-location trials

Design a diverse range of trials incorporating various experimental designs, randomization patterns, replications, locations and field setups.
Analyse GxE interactions across trial locations and benefit from an R-embedded interface for custom-made analysis.
Capture phenotypic data directly from the field using the Bloomeo mobile application available on IOS and Android platforms. Enhance your dataset with additional layers of environmental data sourced from sensors, drones, and weather stations.

Integrate Laboratory activities

Go further with genomics or analytical data generated in laboratories. Manage sample collection from the field with full traceability and connectivity with laboratory processes. Set up laboratory workflows with their own KPIs and dashboards. Seamlessly connect Bloomeo with Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) through API for streamlined data management and analysis.




Reunited around Bloomeo Plant Breeding

Standardize your department, one team after the other, matching their needs and your business goals

Pilot R&D

Use powerful dashboards to track KPIs and optimize task allocation within your team. Make informed decisions and enhance department efficiency.

Picto_normalize traits

Standardize notations for everyone

Unify the way your team assesses crops, environmental conditions, and diseases.


Inter-operate with other tools and systems

Drones, Satellites, Sensors, LIMS, CRM, and third-party software through API connection


For global organizations

Multi-languages, high security standards, multi-national teams, precise user-right management.

Picto_Extend to other department

Scale-up toother departments

One team can start with some features and add more over time, and you can onboard additional teams later.


Accelerate the onboarding of new coworkers

Knowledge management helps know-how transfer and teams to quickly adopt the user-friendly interface of Bloomeo.


Successes in Plant Breeding digitizing


Breeders can manage in real-time the whole germplasm, with quantities of seeds. Interactive genealogy tools are available for pedigree vizualization.


Headquarters in Aveyron

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Bloomeo project-related questions

Can I manage advanced breeding methods such as HD, Cloning, Marker assisted selection…?

Yes Bloomeo aims to integrate the whole breeding process particularly if laboratory activities are part of the process. It proposes laboratory connected workflows to track sampling identification, centralization of analyzed results etc.

Can I manage different crosses methods ?

Yes. In any material you can make open, self, hybridization, poly-crosses to create your own combinations with tailored codification rules for each method. The super friendly interface can support your plant breeding.

Can I manage CMS with Bloomeo ?

Yes. Bloomeo integrates a specific workflow to optimize CMS processes for any crop. It facilitates the creation and identification of male sterile lines and the reintroduction with restorer of the male fertility.

How Bloomeo can support me in my crosses decisions ?

Bloomeo offers a cross plan interface that highlights past crosses done, traits of parental lines with potential traits inheritance. If seed quantities, resources allocations, and incompatibility impact decisions, it can propose best combinations. If you have predictive algorithms (GS) we can integrate them through API. Doriane proposes also some partners on Genomic selection. The navigation with your genetic families with the dynamic pedigree graph can also helps you in crosses decisions to create variability.

How can I find information on a segregating line ?

Bloomeo offers a large range of tools to visualize information on a specific line. All the operations done over years to obtain that specific line/hybrid are stored in the database. Bloomeo proposes alternatives windows to tabular view to get one step ahead to Excel spreadsheets. Past generations results can also be displayed in an intuitive way to facilitate selection in field also in Mobile app.

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