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Forever independent, we make crop innovation software accessible to all.
Our technology and expertise support the change towards tomorrow’s agriculture.

Forever independent, we make crop innovation software accessible to all. Our technology and expertise support the change towards tomorrow’s agriculture.

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Multifactorial analysis of varieties, inputs and methods

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Centralize germplasm, take better breeding decisions faster

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Increase the success rate of your variety launch

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Prove the efficiency and  certify your bio-products

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Our team

Our team is a blend of technology enthusiasts and agronomy experts, with great ambition to tackle all the challenges of transitioning agriculture.

Our job is to support all stakeholders of agricultural innovation, in the field, in laboratories, in offices, to transform and address ecological, economic, and human challenges.

At Doriane, we do what we say, and we deliver what we have announced.

We are, and aim to be even more, a multicultural, open, agile, and human team.

We are primarily a team of experts, deeply committed to our mission.

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Designs cutting-edge software tailored to your agronomy needs


Years empowering
data-driven decisions
in crop innovation


Experts in agronomy,
high-tech and data science
in the team


Crop species: cereals, oil crops,
forages, veggies,
flowers, trees, vines


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Terres Inovia has integrated Doriane’s data management system "from the field to the technical reference" allowing time and reliability gains. It is used daily by 35 users in the testing, studies and developpement teams.


Florent Coquelet
Database Administrator

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Tristan Duminil

Head of Agronomy

Data security in crop innovation: What is ISO 27001?

🦾🛡️ Why choose an ISO 27001 software provider ? Secure your ROI by preventing data breaches and building strong trust with your crop innovation software provider, with financial and reputational benefits.

Rudy M.

Customer Success Manager

How to reach 100% software adoption ?

Personalized support, ongoing education, and quick problem-solving ensure smooth transitions and happy users. Learn more about how Doriane stays close to their clients, driving innovation and smashing goals together. Boost your software game and take your organization to the next level with our dedicated support!

Jackie V

UI and UX Designer

Design Game-Changing User Interface for Agronomy Software

Unlock the secrets of agronomy software design in our latest blog. Learn how UX/UI principles enhance productivity and streamline workflows for agronomists. Dive into expert tips on research, accessibility, and collaboration. Revolutionize your software design today!

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Tips for successful variety launches

Tristan Duminil

Head of Agronomy


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Business & Agronomy Engineer

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