Chaïma C.

3 steps to cost-effective PD trials

Multi-Environment PD Trials is the best way – if not the only – to forecast the performance of your varieties in the target area. How to maximize results relevance and return on investment to ensure the cost-efficiency of product development ?

Rudy M.

Select successful varieties with Bloomeo

Pioneering tool in product development, Bloomeo enables you to navigate the intricate interplay between genetics and the environment. Learn more on this tool that enriches evaluation strategy, and helps you launch optimal seed varieties.

Clément Bouckaert

How to improve the success rate of the launch of my varieties ?

Learn more on market needs and compare varieties upon these criteria is a vast program. All along the product development activity, let’s detail what matters most to ensure the success rate of your variety launch.

Tristan Duminil

Data security in crop innovation: What is ISO 27001?

🦾🛡️ Why choose an ISO 27001 software provider ? Secure your ROI by preventing data breaches and building strong trust with your crop innovation software provider, with financial and reputational benefits.

Rudy M.

How to reach 100% software adoption ?

Personalized support, ongoing education, and quick problem-solving ensure smooth transitions and happy users. Learn more about how Doriane stays close to their clients, driving innovation and smashing goals together. Boost your software game and take your organization to the next level with our dedicated support!

Jackie V

Design Game-Changing User Interface for Agronomy Software

Unlock the secrets of agronomy software design in our latest blog. Learn how UX/UI principles enhance productivity and streamline workflows for agronomists. Dive into expert tips on research, accessibility, and collaboration. Revolutionize your software design today!

Tristan Duminil

Find a market for your varieties and develop varieties for your markets

🌱 🎯 Unlock seed industry success: Find & develop varieties for your markets. Dive into expert insights on market analysis, variety development, and consumer engagement.

Tristan Duminil

Essential KPIs to Unveil Product Development Success in Seed Industry

Discover essential KPIs for seed industry product development success in our latest blog. Learn how quantifiable metrics drive growth and efficiency, ensuring sustainable market leadership. Download our e-book for expert insights and revolutionize your approach today!

Laure Gry

New genomic techniques approved in EU

What are these new genomic techniques ? Which ones have been approved in Europe ? Read the latest update on the deregulation, meet the two women who won the 2020 Nobel Prize in chemistry, and understand how new genomic techniques change the DNA of plants.

Romain Royer

3 Steps to standardize processes in agriculture research

Standardize processes to empower accurate and reliable data! Standards in agriculture research allow to compare data across experiments, leveraging the efforts of gathering data from testing fields. In agriculture research, standard processes ensure centralizing information and adopting a coherent system to facilitate decision-making and improve efficiency.

Romain Royer

Uncovering the Top Seed Companies

What is the greatest seed company? What seed companies rank in the top10? With a global market value of $66.85 billion in 2023, seeds play a crucial role in generating new plants. Learn more on the brands at the forefront of innovation.

Chaïma C.

Varieties For Agro-Ecology

Genetic improvement and varietal creation are central to the evolution of cropping systems and will continue to be so if the agro-ecological transition is to succeed. Learn more on how plant breeders select eco-friendly varieties, their role in the farming eco-system and the impact of genetics on biodiversity, soil health and limiting the use of intrants.

Chaïma C.

12 Books on Plant Breeding: Classics, moderns and fun !

Bernardo, Fehr, Acquaah, Falconer, Allard, BD Singh... Plant breeding literature abounds and I found it hard to make a choice for this summer's readings. I have asked my agronomist colleagues: got some ideas, still not much inspired... Then we've asked our LinkedIn community and Wow! more than 150 plant breeders from all over the world have suggested their own favorite readings - If you've replied, thanks a lot! Then if you're still looking for what to read before your holiday siestas, check our review about the 10 most useful plant breeding books.

Romain Royer

AI in agriculture research

Artificial intelligence changes the game in agriculture research: A neural network can tell whether a plot is “Well” or “less” adapted to a breeding objective. And it guesses an expert’s analysis with 95% accuracy! Learn how the AI researcher Rony Charles has trained the model on a huge dataset of phenomics, soil and weather data from a multi-environment Hybrid Corn trial.

Romain Royer

How Bumblebees support sustainable agriculture?

Did you know Bumblebees 🐝 detect the chemical signature of stress tolerant plants 💪🌱? What a windfall for sustainable agriculture: Pollinators can help select varieties adapted to low input farming, and create crops that produce more with less! I’m not saying it’s easy to count how many times a plant gets her flowers visited – far from easy in fact 😅 That’s why European experts (European Innovation Council EIC) founded the collaborative project DARkWIN, started in 2023 for 3,5 years.

Laure Gry

Seed market trends and news 2023

Seed companies are fully committed to increase crop productivity, in particular through improved varieties and technological progress. This is reflected in the growth of the sector and the surge in international trade, both in volume and value. In 2020, more than 4 million tons of seeds were traded. And since 2000, the global seed market is estimated to have tripled to nearly $60 billion.

Romain Royer

Plant breeding software benefits for Biostadt researchers

Dr Warathe, Head R&D: “Doriane helps the breeder retrieve the data easily, so we know each generation data, over a single platform. We can easily track each and every pedigree over several years and seasons, and analyze the data to take decisions.”

Romain Royer

Vegetable breeding at Gautier Semences

Doriane supports field crops & vegetable breeding organizations in their everyday management. Check how RnDExp™ helps Gautier Semences vegetable breeders.

Romain Royer

Variety testing software at CTIFL technical institute

The interview of the CTIFL, Inter-professional Technical Center for Fruits and Vegetables, about our variety testing software.‍

Romain Royer

Integrating cross-functional collaboration to your R&D

What makes all the actors of a research department work efficiently together? How breeders, biotechnicians and field testers share data and collaborate? Nowadays, IT systems connect people together and help them share data in real time. Many strategies can enhance interactions within the R&D team, on top of them making the research software evolve to that end. But such a change involves human, technical and financial investments at the start, plus future maintenance costs. How to benefit from the return on investment of a cross-funtional Information System ?

Laure Gry

Sustainable seed company: Agri-Obtentions

Since 1983, Agri Obtentions' seed programs have been guided by the challenges of agro-ecology, a diversified agriculture that is more respectful of the environment. The objective is to obtain high-performance varieties that reduce or dispense with chemical inputs and meet the diverse expectations of producers and consumers. The line has been drawn: for a sustainable agriculture and a healthy future, we must experiment!

Romain Royer

Automation in the laboratory

Build bridges between the lab and other research activities, through laboratory automation in a collaborative system that centralizes and standardizes all the data exchanges. Let’s see 3 examples of processes where exchanges of information can be enhanced by laboratory automation. Feed sample lists, generate result files in a standardized format, and improve communication workflow between laboratory technicians and breeders.

Romain Royer

Food Industry R&D software

Bread, Chocolate, Coffee, Wine, Beer... Quite a few foods are make of a raw crop that gets processed through several steps into a final product!

Romain Royer

Marionnet Label Berry breeding

"The prodigious statistical tools of the RnDExp software allows us to study so many varieties, on so many parameters. Between our Excel tables of yesterday and the RnDExp software of today, there is a gap of 20 years" Laurent Chausset, R&D director, Marionnet

Romain Royer

What is collective intelligence ?

Collective intelligence makes its way to research departments, enhancing creativity and motivation 💡. Today an experienced trainer reveals you 7 tips to set up a climate of confidence that boosts innovation within a research team 💪.

Romain Royer

Research software quality standards

When you choose a plant research software, you’d better double-check its quality, since it’s a cornerstone of your activity: Then how can you make sure about the quality of a software?

Magloire Oteyami

Climate-Smart Plant Breeding Objectives

What are the key traits to study for precise breeding and rapid adoption of climate-smart varieties? To which breeding objectives a variety program must respond?

Magloire Oteyami

How useful are PCA statistics for Agronomy?

How can I compare yield, flowering date, and drought tolerance at the same time? How to draw some conclusions from all these variables? what to do to explore the links between traits and visualize properly the similarities between individuals or treatments?

Romain Royer

Plant Breeding Software

How the plant breeding software satisfies every user's needs, and enables the whole research department to work together securely and efficiently ?

Romain Royer

Share Research Work

How to share breeding data and processes efficiently throughout the research department ?

Romain Royer

What makes research software user-friendly?

How much energy do you spend on your research software, rather than study your material and focus on decisions to make? How user-friendly is your research software ?

Romain Royer

Why host agronomy software in the cloud?

Why more and more research departments host their agronomy software in the cloud?

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