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Product Development

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Increase the launch success rate of your varieties

Align product design with market segments and secure decision-making for the introduction of new varieties with validated data in variety sheets. Export your web variety catalog.

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Better manage your product development resources

Save time and manage your multi-environment trials and teams efficiently: Identify key people for each task, plan and follow the advancement with Gantt and Kanban dashboards.

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Improve reliability and confidence in data

Collect clean data with user-friendly dta collection app on iOS and Android, with pictures, picklists... Validate data at each data point and detect outliers ; Compare data coming from so many different multi-location trials.

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Adress your market with well-proven products

Each user profile has access to flexible dashboards for results overview. Dynamic graphics for data analysis and trait optimization dashboards to optimize the efficiency of your product development department.

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Product Development

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Product Development

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