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Plant breeding

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Manage Germplasm and Seed inventory

Breeders can manage in real-time the whole germplasm, with quantities of seeds. Interactive genealogy tools are available for pedigree vizualization.

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Inbred Selection and Crosses

Breeders can manage their crosses thanks to dedicated protocols. RnDExp also allows breeders to manage their nurseries, using SSD, mass selection or CMS methods.

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Integrate advanced breeding activities

Complex and specific breeding activities can be managed though RnDExp, like backcrosses, poly-crosses, synthetics and double-haploids among others.

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Field monitoring to data Analytics

RnDExp drives breeders to each step of the process and provides a complete statistics analysis of the results and data comparison tools to compare products over years and locations.

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" The key to success is to keep everything in project mode from the beginning. The Doriane team managed to adapt easily to this approach and, as a result, the budgeted delays and costs were respected. "

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Plant breeding

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Plant breeding

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