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Data Collection

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Intuitive interface

User-friendly data entry forms which can be adapted to the field utility and preferences of each researcher.

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Fast scoring of observations

Use shortcuts, interactive fieldmaps, voice data-entry and many more tools to score efficiently data on the field. Days of data scoring can be saved per year!

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Automation of data entry

Automate your data-entry with your tablet’s integrated camera or microphone, or with external devices such as Bluetooth barcode reader or weight scale machine. Automation of data entry avoids double-copy and improve your data quality.

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Secure and synchronize data

Automatic saving and organization of your data, and real time synchronization of your data into the main system. The synchronization brings quicker and safer transfer of your data from the field to your office!

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"Terres Inovia has integrated RnDExp™ data management system "from the field to the technical reference" allowing time and reliability gains. It is used daily by 35 users in the testing, studies and developpement teams."

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Terres Inovia

Data Collection

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Data Collection

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