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agronomic research software

Plant breeding

Learn more about Plant Breeding
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Manage Germplasm and Seed inventory

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Inbred Selection and Crosses

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Integrate advanced breeding activities

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Field monitoring to data Analytics

3 months

Saved onboarding a new junior breeder with documented workflows in RnDExp

10 minutes

To get an overview on your R&D activity and level of achievement with goals

Headquarters in Aveyron


" The key to success is to keep everything in project mode from the beginning. The Doriane team managed to adapt easily to this approach and, as a result, the budgeted delays and costs were respected. "

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Agronomy Testing

Learn more about Agronomy Testing
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Manage diverse types of experiments

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Creation of layouts and randomizations

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Monitor your trial from the set-up to the harvest

trial statistics icon

Trials statistics and advanced reporting

" The whole station is paperless […] I saved about 15 working days per year, and especially appreciated the flexibility of the solution. "

Jean-Marie Hervieu

Caussade Semences

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Pilot R&D

Learn more about Piloting R&D
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Define your R&D protocols

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Manage R&D resources

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Get reports of performances

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Valorize R&D Knowledge

5 to 500

Collaborators can pool their efforts toward crop innovation

15 days

Saved per year per researcher after digitalization

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Data Collection

Learn more about our powerful data collection
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Intuitive interface

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Fast scoring of observations

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Automation of data entry

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Secure and synchronize data

"Terres Inovia has integrated RnDExp™ data management system "from the field to the technical reference" allowing time and reliability gains. It is used daily by 90 users in the testing, studies and developpement teams."

Florent Coquelet

Terres Inovia

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Biotech laboratory

Learn more about Laboratory Management
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Manage samples workflow with data and analytics

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Prepare and Track laboratory samples

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Easy data transfers with real time synchronization

- 80 %

Errors avoided in seedling MM analysis

2 h. 30 min.

Saved every day in the biotech laboratory

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For research departments across industries and markets, all along the cultivation chain.

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