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Breeding information management

10 KPIs to monitor your plant breeding activity

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Which process of your plant breeding workflow is it worthy to enhance? What gains can you expect from it?

If you ask yourself these questions, you are at the right place: With my team of agronomists and software experts, we have run plenty digitization projects in plant R&D.

We are used to measure performance and demonstrate the benefits of plant breeding software transformations.

Then we thought: Why not share this knowledge with the community?

We have prepared some useful methods you can setup and apply to your ownagronomy or plant breeding activity:

  • To detect process improvement opportunities
  • To evaluate the potential gains, either tangible perks in ROI, resources, time or intangible progresses in  decision-making, teamwork, and  evendata security.
  • For all the project stakeholders, to justify the benefits of the change to managers

And for each KPI, you will find actionable tips and tricks to improve it. As an appetizer, let me tell you who is your best partner for setting up these KPIs : Your team. Cooperation in indicator measurement can be the key to KPIs — if I may ;)

Hope this helps, can’t wait to read your feedback!

Romain Royer

Marketing Manager