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Agronomy Testing

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Manage diverse types of experiments

Specific protocols available for variety, agronomy or chemical testing activities. Experimental meta-data storage and technical itinerary adapted to your preferences.

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Creation of layouts and randomizations

More than 10 randomization design available, and culture-unit tools to manage current and historical experimental fields, and possibility to print layouts and labels.

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Monitor your trial from the set-up to the harvest

Optimize and manage humans ressources, plan materials quantities and manage inventory. Optimize your sowing and harvesting routes on the field. Dashboard and reports to have a global vision and real time vision of the work advancement.

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Trials statistics and advanced reporting

Manage trial validation tests previous to ANOVA, mean comparison tests, dynamic and interactive graphics to display results. Tools to drag and drop materials and compare them over years, locations or any specific meta-data.

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" The whole station is paperless […] I saved about 15 working days per year, and especially appreciated the flexibility of the solution. "

Jean-Marie Hervieu

Caussade Semences

Agronomy Testing

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