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Integrate smart phenotyping tools into your plant research


Sensors become smarter and collect new and novel information on plant productivity.
All this new information can be used to bridge phenotypic traits to the exploding amount of genotypic data available.
How do plant researchers access these new phenotyping tools to achieve faster plant selection?
How to plan and synchronize experiments, pull data from all available datasets and get new and novel insights on their crops?
We’ve assembled 3 organizations dedicated to bringing information management, sensor processing, insight generation, and data driven decision-making to research programs around the globe.

Accelerate your plant research and decision cycles with these powerful research tools !!

How to prepare the notation campaigns, measure plant physiology, scan fields with drones,  and analyze all the data?

Let’s see ask three experts in research data capture and management how to take up these challenges and enhance decision-making for your research.

Don’t miss these best practices to accelerate your plant research with digital phenotyping integrated to your R&D information system !

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