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TERRES-Inovia Technical center for oilseed crops, grain legumes

Terres Inovia, the French technical institute, uses RnDExp® to hande research data and R&D processes:

Technical center for oilseed crops, grain legumes and industrial hemp

The reference technical institute for professionals in the oil and protein crops and hemp sectors

Terres Inovia is in charge of research and development for Terres Univia, the interprofessional organisation for plant oil and protein crop value chains, and InterChanvre, the interprofessional organisation for the hemp sector. Its mission is to improve the competitivity of oilseed crops, protein crops and hemp, through innovation and independent advice, by adapting agricultural production and downstream uses to different economic contexts and societal demands. By providing a stimulating environment for its staff and its numerous partnerships, Terres Inovia contribute to:

- the establishment of diversified multiperformance cropping systems;

- the development of digital agriculture, to fit the diverse needs of French farmers in the various agricultural territories;

- increasing protein autonomy in France.

The principal crops dealt with by Terres Inovia are oilseed rape, sunflower, soybean, linseed, pea, field bean, lupin and hemp.

Terres inovia has been created in 2015 from the merge of CETIOM (oils crops and hemp) and the UNIP (protein crops), two historical technical institutes since the 1950's.

Since 2012, the R and D department is using RnDExp® Custom, the centralized IT system with a specific configuration to fit the needs of their Testing department. Some teams in the fields are equipped with data collection tablets with the offline application RnDExp® Mobile Enterprise to querry and inpud data on the go, and synchronize all data and settings with the central database.

An integrated system to manage data more more efficiently and more accurately


Translation of Terres Inovia annual report 2017 (available here):


An integrated system to manage data more more efficiently and more accurately

Since 2012 Terres Inovia has been using the software RnDExperience® for the management of the data coming from its experimentations. 85% of its experimental activity transits through its channels, which represents every year about 140 protocols and more than 550 internal or partnered trials, and millions of items of data.

RnDExperience® integrates data collection or import, graphical and statistical functions, as well as several reporting options. It can be configured sharply, enabling notably a detailed management of access rights, the implementation of an enterprise-specific dictionary and the deployment of many tools. The database it feeds is totally open and accessible, enabling to interface it with other tools. Since 2015, we have progressively deployed RnDExp® Mobile, software dedicated to field data collection, which benefited from a major evolution from Doriane in 2016, enabling automatic synchronization of data input in the fields with the central database.

Terres Inovia today disposes of an integrated data management system "from the field to the technical reference" allowing time and reliability gains. It is used daily by the 3 main businesses of the organization (testing, studies, developpement), that is to say about 90 users, assisted by 2 administrators (equals about one full time) and by 3 field-relay operators for field data collection.


Win-Win interactions around RnDExperience®


Translation of Terres Inovia annual report 2017 (available here):


Win-Win interactions around RnDExperience®

The standars software RnDExperience® is edited by Doriane SA. The company is based in Nice, made of a team of 12 engineers at the service of industries and technical institutes in France and worldwide. Doriane invests more than 35% of its income in R&D.

According to Fred Royer, Doriane's CEO, "interactions between Terres Inovia and Doriane have enabled to add and improve functionalities of RnDExperience®, especially for a more intuitive and automated use, and more integrated within Terre Inovia's R&D processes. RnDExperience®'s very high configurability have also enabled Terres Inovia to produce reports from high volume and complex information in short time periods."

Davis Escarguel, editor of RnDExp® Mobile, underlines: "Terres Inovia have been pioneers in collecting field data securely on Windows tablets with RnDExp® Mobile Enterprise with synchronization on the central RnDExperience® database, setting up for the first time a complete data processing chain "from the field to the analysis manager". This enabled to improve data collection delays and quality, to get rid of transitional files, and to save users time in data input and validation."

RnDExperience® is used by more than 1 000 people worldwide.  It enables its users to collect and share their data in real time, with their own security levels.


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