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Plant breeding master

In France, the Unilasalle international Plant Breeding Master, gets software training on RnDExperience®!

UniLaSalle is a center for higher education in earth, life and environmental sciences that is recognized for its excellence in France and around the world. The non-profit organization, recognized “private higher education establishment in the public interest”, offers three- or five-year degree programs, including engineering degrees in the fields of agronomy and the food industry, food and health, environmental studies and geology and two-year Masters, such as the Plant Breeding Master.

2019 UniLaSAlle plant breeding training master by Doriane

2019 UniLaSAlle plant breeding training master by Doriane

Member of the Lasallian network, the school conveys values of a voluntary, responsible, humanist education, and makes a point of teaching agronomy with practice. Unilasalle takes root in 1855 with the creation of the prestigious higher school of agriculture Institut Normal Agricole, that merged with other engineering schools, namely the IGAL (geology) in 2006, the ESITPA (agriculture) in 2016 and EME (environment) in 2018.

2018 UniLaSAlle plant breeding training master by Doriane

2018 UniLaSAlle plant breeding training master by Doriane

The Plant Breeding Master opened in 2014 to train skilled international plant breeders on Master and PhD level with a training program that combines science, breeding, management, law, intercultural competence and language skills. This Plant Breeding Master has evolve to the emPLANT programme which is organized by a consortium of five Universities and Graduate Schools across Europe. Stamped  Erasmus Mundus for the academic excellence of its international courses, the program is based on a partnership between UniLasalle and University of Helsinki (Finland), Universitat Politècnica de València (Spain), Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Sweden) and Ege University (Turkey). The first training session of emPLANT will start in September 2018. More information here.

2017 UniLaSAlle plant breeding training master by Doriane

2017 UniLaSAlle plant breeding training master by Doriane

Learning to use a breeding software is part of the training of future breeders at UniLaSalle Plant Breeding Master, and they train themselves with RnDExp SaaS Corn, the ready-to-use cloud-based database service by Doriane SAS. The 2-days course presented by Tristan Duminil, Agronomist and business manager at Doriane, lets them discover some of the tools included to handle crosses, hybridization, line nurseries, field trials, analysis and reporting. According to Alicia Ayerdi Gotor, assistant professor at UniLaSalle, this Plant Breeding Master course gives the students a good example of the software they will use at work: “ Putting into practice their theoretical knowledge on databases with a breeding software shows the students how accurate such a system can be.”

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