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January 2020 : A breeding team equipped with SaaS breeding platform in 7 days !

" RAGT 2n has been one of the first companies to deploy RnDExperience™ SaaS Breeding, in January 2020. We have equipped a Corn breeding team in Brazil who had joined our group, and we are really happy about it: Doriane has deployed the turnkey breeding platform in 7 days including users remote training. The team has adopted the new system very quickly to start their 2020 campaigns, and all their data is stored securely, organized properly and compatible with the custom RnDExperience™ configuration of all other RAGT 2n stations. ” Eric Carrara, Scientific Consultant, RAGT

What is RAGT 2n ?

RAGT 2n is the subsidiary of the RAGT group that is focused on seed research. Its breeding research is involved in the large plant culture domains such as corn, grains, fodder, soya and sunflowers. In 2003, RAGT 2n acquired the European Monsato grain research program.

RAGT 2n chooses RnDExp™ Plant breeding software

In September 2001, RAGT 2n chose RnDExp™ as comprehensive data-management plant breedign software for all of its breeding programs.
Working in close collaboration with the Research Information Systems Service, the system integration was entrusted to the DORIANE team. The project was spread out over a three-year period beginning with forage products and ending with corn.
RnDExp™ is used by more than 100 Researchers in 10 different Research Centers throughout Europe.

In 2007, after having bought the cereal activity of Monsanto (PBI), RAGT 2n wanted to integrate this new activity in RnDExp™ in order to harmonize and standardize IT tools and breeding methods available for each group of vegetal specie. From 2008, sowings, nurseries, testing on cereals is managed with RnDExp™.

In july 2008,
RnDExp™ plant breeding software was deployed in english in the different countries to homogenate the company way of working. The equipement of laboratories in France, Tchec Republic and United Kingdom with RnDExp™ for Analytical activities and Biotech laboratories allow users to make request Genotype/Phenotype on a centralized and unified database.
Now RnDExp™ is used for every specie distributed by RAGT 2n and by users with very different levels of responsability in about 13 stations on 5 countries

RAGT 2n Organization to complete the installation project

A two-person team was sent to work full-time on the project.
The project advanced through several steps consisting of layout, design, testing, parameter recalculation, and launch assistance. The testing and instructional phases of the project are crucial steps for the reliability and the seamless incorporation of the newly integrated system.

System Architecture:
RAGT 2n chose to use a two-tiered system architecture with a server group for the SQL database on a Microsoft platform, and using a Citrix platform for its remote access servers.

Thierry Bouhet (IT Manager of RAGT 2n) reaction : "RAGT choose RnDExp™ to help its researchers to be at the state of art in the collect, the control and the reporting of information useful for their missions.
The plant breeding software constant evolutions, in terms of performance, ergonomy, flexibility for the breeding processes modelling is a warranty of perennity very important for us"

What were the determining factors that made you choose RnDExp™ ?

" In 2000, we were confronted with the situation that our system, which ran on MSDOS, needed to be updated.
After abandoning the idea of coming up with an internal solution, we starting looking for an external solution that could respond to our needs for dependability, durability, compatibility, and with sufficient forward visibility that could integrate all of our different areas. Already a DORIANE client through their RnDExpMobile™ product, and after several in-depth discussions with Frederic Royer, we naturally migrated towards RnDExp™. " Thierry Bouhet, IT Manager RAGT 2n

How did you handle the RnDExp™ integration into your business?

" We knew that there was no way that we could interrupt our research, so we decided to spread the project deployment out over three different campaigns according to plant species. RAGT 2n ran the project under the responsibility of DORIANE.  The fact that the DORIANE consultants, under the management of Frederic ROYER, already knew our field of work, allowed for a quick analysis of the breeding operations and showed that the experiment concepts and the gene stocking tools of RnDExp™ especially suited our needs. Very few specific adjustments needed to be made. We were surprised by the capacity of RnDExp™ to respond to the needs of different species, whether they are generic or hybrid. In particular the integration of the grasses for forage and lawns was a real challenge. " Thierry Bouhet, IT Manager RAGT 2n

Didn’t spreading the project over three campaigns bring with it additional costs?

" It is true that we already had this type of problem with the implementation of an ERP. The key to success is to keep everything in project mode from the beginning. As such, the parameters, delays and costs are laid-out in advance along with the project phases. The DORIANE team managed to adapt easily to this approach and, as a result, the budgeted delays and costs were respected. " Thierry Bouhet, IT Manager RAGT 2n

Have you been able to see any return on investment at this point?

"The RnDExp™ plant breeding software potentials allowed us to go beyond our initial objectives by equipping projects and labs that were not a part of the initial scope. Additional benefits came out of the newly unified system, allowing for cross-interaction not only when working on different species but also between different labs.

For certain species, once through the difficult migration process, very important benefits were discovered by the system users as it showed efficiency to the degree of several weeks with regards to the statements, experiment set-ups (nurseries, trials, etc.) from the first season.

RnDExp™ represents a long-term investment and several fields are needed to realize the full potential of its many aspects. " Thierry Bouhet, IT Manager RAGT 2n

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