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First-class sugar producer doing Sugarbeet testing research

"The DORIANE team always responded to our needs very quickly and with impeccable sense of service "

What is Cristal Union?
As a first-class sugar producer, Cristal Union has four principle production facilities, one of which is the Arcis sur Aube plant.

Situated in the heart of the most bountiful agricultural production regions in France, the Arcis sur Aube site is the uncontested leader in production volume in the country producing 12.5 tons of white sugar per hectare. An important alcohol distillery and ethanol fuel producer are attached to the site.

A Dynamic Team.
Philippe Clouet is the leader of a very experienced seven-member team. The team performs about 60 trials per season, incorporating about 8,000 plots.
Laurence Pacquetet is the head of IT operations during the experiments. She incorporates and upkeeps both the RnDExp™ and RnDExpMobile™ programs according to the company’s research parameters.

Philippe Clouet (Manager of the Agronomy department) and Laurence Pacquetet (RnDExp™ Administrator) reactions : "The DORIANE team always responded to our needs very quickly and with impeccable sense of service...without which we would not have remained such a faithful client for so long"


You chose RnDExp™ over 10 years ago, has it grown well?
Philippe CLOUET :
Definitely, RnDExp™ has evolved considerably. It is a software program that is secure and reliable. The available functions not only cover our needs, but even well surpass them. So we use it to work on general plant farming, plant breeding, as well as different trials involving plants and manures, and we fully realize that we are only using part of the program’s potential.
Laurence PACQUETET :
We are progressively expanding our uses of RnDExp™ . As such, this year we are replacing our old barcode-labeling system with that made available by RnDExp™ . Overall, you have to congratulate the DORIANE team on their work in making the product very efficient and ergonomic. Also, the ‘cut and paste’ function when working in publishing results has brought a lot of comfort with its ease of use and its similarity to Excel. The Import/Export Data function is a particularly strong function, in fact, I find to be great! With this we can easily exchange findings with our other colleagues, whether they are using RnDExp™ or not. Thanks to RnDExp™ we have greatly improved our ability to communicate with not only others in our field, but with our clients as well.

You have been using RnDExp™ for a long time; have you mastered all of its functions at this point?
Laurence PACQUETET :

I am in charge of outlining new lab protocols, which remains a rather technical exercise, but it is certainly made easier thanks to the facility and depth of the functions on RnDExp™ . I am still learning, of course, since I am able to benefit from the buyers contract !
Philippe CLOUET :
Laurence is able to make sure that her colleague is kept up-to-date; otherwise the Lab Techs received the appropriate training to get their jobs done.

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The expertise of Doriane brings the three players of R&D the resources to organize, share and valorize their research projects:
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