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CTIFL French Technical Institute for fruits & vegetables



The CTIFL, Interprofessional Technical Center for Fruits and Vegetables, is the reference agronomic institute for these species in France. For more than 50 years, its research work has ensured the competitiveness of these sectors through its expertise, advice and innovations.

Why did they choose RnDExperience® to centralize their information of agronomic testing and organize this research work?

What made the success of this partnership with Doriane and what improvements has it brought to their work?




Experimentation management tools adapted to business needs

Former data management tools became obsolete and difficult to upgrade.

To be able to capitalize on IT skills (software and services) for a wide variety of research activities.


A standard software configured by Doriane experts

Standard software updated according to changing business needs and new technologies.

Configured and maintained by Doriane consultants who master the functionalities of the software and understand the business needs.


A reliable and efficient information system

A single tool centralizes various research activities (species, protocols, etc.).

An efficient ticket-based user support system for managing requests of assistance

Secure and faster data entry on the tablet or directly in the software.


"The researchers greatly appreciated the double expertise in agronomy and database management of the Doriane team."


"RnDExperience meets the business needs of our research teams. The numerous functionalities of the software allow us to computerize all types of experiment or trial and to secure the data."


"RnDExperience software is regularly updated and its maintenance guaranteed. This is reassuring and should guarantee us an information system that evolves with our needs in the future."


"One of the key points for the success of the project was the effective dialogue with the Doriane teams, especially after the project Go-Live to finalize the configuration by adding business functionalities that were not included in the initial project."

Check out the whole story of CTIFL fruit tree testing with RnDExp Plant breeding software in our blog :

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The expertise of Doriane brings the three players of R&D the resources to organize, share and valorize their research projects:
RESEARCH DEPARTMENTS: Fast implementation of business processes ; Liberation of researchers creativity
IT DEPARTMENTS: Real-time centralization of multilocation data ; Security and integrity of data
MANAGEMENT: Maximization of research investments ; Research departments monitoring ; Intellectual assets valorization and sustainability


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