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DA BEI NONG Biotech Center 生物技术中心 Biotech on Corn, Rice & Soybean

Zhang He, RnDExp™ Administrator at Da Bei Nong Biotech Center (生物技术中心)

About DABEI NONG Biotech Center (DBN BC) - 生物技术中心​

Founded in 1993, DA BEI NONG Technology Group Co. Ltd. (DBN Group) is a science driven Agricultural Company. DBN Group went public at Shenzhen Stock Exchange on April 9, 2010.

DBN Biotech Center (DBNBC) was established in December 2010. They are committed to develop Agro-biotech products with their own intellectual property rights. Currently, their R&D is focusing on three main crops: corn, rice, and soybean and five traits including insect resistance, herbicide tolerance, yield enhancement, drought tolerance, and fertilizer-usage-efficiency. Combining the complementary strength from DBN Seed, DBN BC is willing to enable the seamlessly transition from early discovery research stage to late product development stage. Their aim is to accelerate the delivery of biotech seeds to Chinese farmers.

77 million dollars are earmarked to invest into DBNBC in five years. Within six-month, they have hired 90 employees, equipped 3,000m2 of laboratory with advanced instruments, constructed 4,000 m2 of greenhouse space. A network of standard field stations will be established to evaluate field performance of DBNBC’s first generation biotech products. In 2012, DBNBC has been be a full-fledged, product development oriented, first-class agricultural R&D entity with 200 researchers led by 20 some experienced experts. DBNBC is devoted to deliver, what Chinese farmers need the most, biotech products to the market in the next 5 to 10 years.

Why did you choose RnDExp™ ?


Zhang He (RnDExp™ Administrator): "I have appreciated a lot the attention paid to my project during commercial discussions. Doriane's team has demonstrated their software RnDExp™ and I found what I was looking for: With RnDExp™ I am able to define and configure easily different protocols, and I can set functions in order to define unique experiments. Also the flexibility of RnDExp™ enables to extend its use, not only for breeding activities, but also for optimizing all data and processes of the whole research department. With experimentation, selection and analysis module, it is not only breeding research management software, but also a general configurable research management system. "

How did you move to RnDExp™?

Zhang He (RnDExp™ Administrator): "Doriane's team understood our implementation needs and fulfilled 90% of our requests. The training they provided has been useful for our further use of RnDExp™. It is actually a transfer of know-how. From the training, we can get the expertise to configure the software for different processes. "

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The expertise of Doriane brings the three players of R&D the resources to organize, share and valorize their research projects:
RESEARCH DEPARTMENTS: Fast implementation of business processes ; Liberation of researchers creativity
IT DEPARTMENTS: Real-time centralization of multilocation data ; Security and integrity of data
MANAGEMENT: Maximization of research investments ; Research departments monitoring ; Intellectual assets valorization and sustainability


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