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Centenary breeding company, leader in high quality barley for the malting and brewing industry

" Changing our database management system [...] was a rather delicate operation that was completed by the DORIANE team with great success. "

What is SECOBRA Recherches?

Since 1902 SECOBRA, as a breeding company, has been breeding highest quality barley for the malting and brewing industry.
SECOBRA Recherches counts as its principle shareholders the leading players in the malting and brewing industry, seeds companies and industrial farmers.
With its headquarters in Maule, in the Yvelines region of France, SECOBRA also has subsidiaries in Germany (Lemgo), England (Essex) and in Spain (Saragossa).

Of the varieties bred at this site, the most notable are: Winter barley varieties (MOGADOR, FLAMENCO, CLARINE, PASTORAL, ESTEREL, SIBERIA, REGALIA…); Spring barley varieties (VOLGA, NEVADA, ASTORIA…); and the Winter wheat varieties (PARADOR, BASTIDE, ROSARIO and ACIENDA)

Pascal Giraudeau (Wheat breeder - In charge of IT management of Maule research station) attests :

Some of history, why did SECOBRA choose RnDExp™ ?
In 1999 we had to redevelop our entire IT infrastructure to convert it to a DOS system. Of the many different options, only DORIANE responded to our needs.

How did the project play out?
The winter 1999-2000 was spent integrating RnDExp™  for testing and planning for its launch by the harvest of 2000.
The following year we integrated RnDExp™ for breeding that was operational by the harvest of 2001.
We came up against difficulties that were due to the newness of the product, due in large part because we were one of the first to use the new Windows version. Thankfully the DORIANE team was helpful and we were also able to help ourselves through a good part of understanding the systems parameters. Eventually all of our objectives were met.
Today the system is solid.

Did DORIANE’s Technical Support Team meet your needs?
In both the technical and functional sense, the DORIANE team is qualified. Last year we decided to change our database management system. We decided to abandon our SYBASE system for the SQL server system recommended by DORIANE, as it would be less cumbersome. This was a rather delicate operation that was completed by the DORIANE team with great success.

With the passage of time how would you say RnDExp™ has met your needs?
Very well, whether in experiments or in breeding, everything is done through RnDExp™ !
Of course, there are a few adjustments that need to be incorporated; for example I would like a little more flexibility when building the reports that I prefer manage through RnDExp™ .
In RnDExp™ reports are better stored than in Excel and are accessible from any workstation.

Who uses RnDExp™ ?
There are 2 of us Breeders who are in charge of RnDExp™ . We designate the protocols and outline the experiments. In addition seven Lab Tech and a few seasonal employees also use it. We are a small team that has to manage 20,000 experimental plots and 250,000 breeding lines. Also, I think that it is very important for the Breeder who came up with the experiments to be able to organize them in RnDExp™ .

What do you think is the best kind of training for the system?
For current users, on-site training using mock-trials with realistic data seems to be the most suitable to me. This allows for people to clearly understand the functioning of the system within the breeding program. For the administrators, outside of the initial on-site training, that must be very thorough, a brush-up every 2-3 years at a workshop should be sufficient.

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