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Data Collection software dedicated to plant research

Data collection is an important process in phenotyping and scoring heterogenous information to compare to standards. Breeders usually score data on their notebook, but using papers in a multi-users context has some limits and risks: double copy, data losses risks, data entry mistakes by a middleman, not homogenous data between breeders… Also, nowadays, breeders use more and more devices for their phenotyping (camera, GPS, code bar reader, etc.), and it takes them lot of time to centralize all data from papers and external devices. That’s why digitalization of data collection improves dramatically the efficiency of your research activities.

Breeders can manage their data collection process using RnDExp Mobile on their Windows tablets, helping them to drive their data scoring, making their phenotyping more efficient, thanks to connection to multiple measurement devices and helping them to make actionable data faster, in a secured way.


Daily trial monitoring


What kind of objects can I observe using RnDExp Mobile?

Breeders can define the different variables that they want to collect, at field level, plot level, plant level, leaf level, fruit level...

What types of variables can I use to observe my objects with RnDExp Mobile?

Many types of variables are available, standard types as numerical, text, dates, images, ... and specific variables for plant observations and breeding activities, as fast disease scoring or multi leaf scoring.

How can I ensure the input of homogeneous data in the software?

It is possible to configure data entry rules to ensure that breeders don’t input outliers. For example, you can configure the type of data that you want to enter, if it is a text, a number, if the value is composed of 2 figures, if there is a min and a max etc.

Is it possible to configure shortcuts for quick data collection?

Breeders can create shortcuts to input quickly data. They can for example use the digital keyboard and associate numbers to dates, names of diseases, etc. to enter quickly data without writing with the digital keyboard.

How can breeders see the advancement of their data collection process?

There is an interactive field map allowing breeders to have a view of their work advancement. Also, they can configure some routes, and the software will drive them in their data collection process.

Can I configure automatic calculation in the software?

Breeders can score multiple notations on a same plot (ex: take height of several plant in the same plot), and it is possible to make some calculations on a variable (mean, min, max, standard deviation…) in real time.

Is RnDExp Mobile easily handled by temporary workers?

Once the breeder has set up the data collection “notebook” and “form”, the Mobile application is easy to use. Even complex notations are made simple thanks to shortcuts and limited choice. The interface translated in 6 languages can be used by non-english speakers: French, Spanish, Chinese, German, Russian.

Fast connected capture


Can I store in the software pictures taken with my tablet’s camera?

If your tablet has an integrated camera, you can take picture using RnDExp Mobile, and centralize them directly with your other observations.

Is RnDExp Mobile compatible with the GPS incorporated in my tablets?

If there a GPS chip is integrated in your tablet, you can input your GPS positioning in the software and localize yourself on the field.

Can I connect a microphone for voice data entry?

You can connect a microphone on your tablet, and the software assist you for hand free data scoring, which is very useful if you want to manipulate plants in the same time.

Can I connect my tablet to a weight scale?

You can connect devices such as weight scale on the tablet. Allowing breeders to input automatically some weights values in the software. There is also a possible to connect your tablet to harvesting machine, and input automatically data from its weight scale.

Can I connect my tablet to a printer?

The software is compatible with Zebra printers to print labels for example.

Can I connect my tablet to a code bar reader?

Breeders can connect a code bar reader to the software, or other identification tag readers. Allowing them to scan code bar to identify automatically plots, materials then enter data associated.

Can we make trial modifications in the software after the set-up? (modify the design of trials, edit environment covariables, etc.).

  • Yes, after creating the set-up of your trials, sometimes hazards make breeders change the original set-up. RnDExp allows users to make these changes easily and adapt their set-up for a better adjustment to the reality of the breeding conditions.
  • Besides, with RnDExp Mobile Enterprise, it is possible to set up the trial from the server and block settings on the client device, so that technicians cannot change the way they collect data.


Easy data transfer


What type of file can I import in the software?

You can import Excel, Csv files in the software.

Can I dispatch data to collect to my breeder network?

Manager can dispatch data to collect to his breeders and match them with specific trials, bloc etc.

Does the system include the possibility of data synchronization?

With the Enterprise edition, breeders can directly synchronize their data from their PC (or an external database) to their tablet and vice-verso, without using an Excel/Csv file. It is a safer and faster way to import and export data.

What are the different ways to export and import trials results?

  • You can import and export files: Notebook data (traits and observations) can be Excel or CSV files, and forms (= settings, workshop, field maps) are under specific file formats readable only by RnDExp Mobile. Testers they can import back data manually or import Excel files with header recognition.
  • You can also synchronize devices with a centralized database. Then the automatic import and export of notebook data and notation forms can be handled by a key user or by Doriane's consultants.

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