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Plant breeding software

Plant breeding is a long-time process to create new varieties or hybrids with better characteristics, such as plant resistance and tolerance to diseases, adaptation to climate conditions, parasites, increase productivity, expand their nutritional value, taste, etc.

Breeders obtain new varieties after many years of work, and successive purges of varieties to find the best ones.

To manage these different breeding processes, and the amount of data over the years and locations, Doriane provides RnDExp Plant Breeding Software, to help breeders in their decision making and lead them to their objectives.


A plant breeding software to handle germplasm inventory


Can I manage a germplasm collection in RnDExp plant breeding software?

Breeders can store their whole germplasm in RnDExp plant breeding software, and have a real-time view of all their material, and its characteristics. Breeders can easily find materials over years and generations by using the “quick filter” tool, enabling them to input multiple criteria (traits, diseases resistance, generations, etc.) and find materials with the required characteristics.

Does RnDExp plant breeding software manage seed quantities and traceability of seeds during breeding processes?

In RnDExp, there is a real-time view of material quantities, and automatic adjustment after use of material for an experiment. RnDExp plant breeding software allows the users to have a traceability of the seeds from the stock to each breeding processes and vice-versa. During the preparation of breeding processes, RnDExp can also display some alerts in case of seed insufficiency to warn breeders.

Can I visualize pedigree and genealogy using a plant breeding software?

In RnDExp, there is a traceability of all breeding actions that breeders have done in the software. It is possible to display the entire pedigree of a material, and access to the entire genealogy of a material using RnDExp “Interactive Genealogy Tools”. This tool allows breeders to explore traits, characteristics, field results and pictures of materials over years and generations.


Creation of varieties in the plant breeding software


What kind of material creation can I manage using RnDExp plant breeding software?

RnDExp allows breeders to manage their breeding protocols to create new materials. Breeders can manage their crosses, backcrosses, poly-crosses, synthetics and double-haploids thanks to RnDExp dedicated protocols that drive them along each step of their processes.

Does RnDExp plant breeding software help breeders to choose the best crosses?

Finding the best crosses is not an easy task for breeders. To help their decision making, RnDExp Plant Breeding Software contains some tools such as interactive crossing matrix, predictive crossing matrix or GCA/SCA matrix that make easier their choices.




What selection processes can breeders manage with RnDExp Plant Breeding Software?

RnDExp allows breeders to manage their nurseries, stabilize their lines and manage their in/out breeding processes, their SSD, mass selection or CMS. During each step of these process, RnDExp drives breeders, and make easier the steps for material selection.

Is it possible to link field and laboratory results for selection processes?

RnDExp is a collaborative tool allowing the breeding and laboratory department to share in one software their data. That permits to combine phenotypic and genotypic data and helps breeders to make their best selection.


Making hybrids and varieties within the plant breeding software


Does RnDExp manage hybrids creation?

RnDExp plant breeding software allows breeders to manage their creations of hybrids, from the selection and isolation of materials to the management of field plans for variety testing. RnDExp drives breeders to each step of the process and provides a complete statistics analysis of the results and data comparison tools to compare products over years and locations.


Integrated pedigree naming for each breeding process step


Does RnDExp plant breeding software codify automatically the new material created?

For each breeding processes, RnDExp generates an automatic codification for the new created material. Thanks to RnDExp flexibility, it is also possible to configure and implement your own codification rules in the Plant Breeding Software.

Does RnDExp plant breeding software manage field set-up of breeding processes?

For each breeding process, from crosses to the creation of hybrids, RnDExp manages the set-up on the field and the creation of field-maps. The Plant Breeding Software provides a real-time view of the set-up and the advancement of each process.

Does RnDExp plant breeding software manage printing of labels and reports?

RnDExp plant breeding software allows breeder to configure and print labels for each step of the breeding processes. For example, print some labels for seed inventory, for sowing, harvesting and so on. It is the same case for reports and forms, to share all information breeders require to manage their activities.


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