Newsletter sept 2018 : Drone sawing, Automated backcross processes, Eucarpia biometrics


I hope you enjoyed summer break, we are also back to the office and preparing you awesome articles and videos

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Dear colleagues,

I hope you enjoyed summer break, we are also back to the office, busy starting 2 new IT projects with R&D departments in a seed company and a technical institute.

September is the best time to interseed cover crops into corn, when it’s still warm and sunny enough for sprouting. But how to avoid disturbing the corn before harvest? The French cooperatives Maisadour and Vivadour, with its innovative center Ovalie Innovation and the help of drone experts Reflet du Monde, are experimenting the use of aerial seedling (see above picture). Started last year with success over 1.3 hectares (about 3 acres), the trial is reconducted this year. Stay tuned, we’ll tell you more about it soon !

This month let's check out what actions can be automated in the backcross process with a short article illustrated with animated GIFs.

Don't miss also the next webinar on the Online Testing Platform for variety and agronomy testing. Get an overview on this powerful software as a service (SaaS) already configured for your testing activities. More Info ; Register.

To deepen in the technical insights of SaaS software, we'd like to remind you of this extensive IT article on the Cloud and its applications in providing Breeding Software as a Service.

Last week-end, breeders from all over Europe have met in Ghent, Belgium at Eucarpia Biometrics, and we have presented a publication on Machine learning applied to breeding decicion-making assistance. Read the poster online here.

Have a nice day !


Romain Royer, Doriane SAS

Editor of the Agro and Genetics Information System Watch.

Selection of articles

farming robots collecting plant breeding data


Automation of ecurrent tasks and naming, screening assistance... Useful tips for both conventional and marker-assisted breeders.

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Machine learning brings new ways to help researchers analyze huge amounts of data generated by biotechnology and agronomy.

breeding software as a service cloud research


Why and how to dematerialize your Plant R&D information system in a cloud-based Research Software as a Service ?

Webinar Backcross processes

Monitor your trial networtk and centralize your data on a remote database software configured for your testing activities.

Save time and get decision-making assistance all along your campaign.

Powered by RnDExperience®, already used for field crops, vegetables, ornamentals, perennials and forages worldwide.

30 minutes presentation from our agro and IT expert Rudy Mezino.

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