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All the teal Doriane wishes you a happy and creative new year 2019 !!!

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Happy new year to all of you !

All the team Doriane thanks you warmly for this year 2018 spent together. And wishes you a happy and creative new year 2019!

We are so pleased to see more and more researchers and IT administrators reading our articles and attending our webinars ! We stay the course in 2019 and will continue proposing you state-of-the-art content with tips and tricks to save time, secure your data and share your activity with your team.

Our webinar live-room has been improved to enhance video quality. Don't miss the next two on R&D organization:

 - Integrating the research software in its IT environment: click here

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I hope you'll enjoy (re-)discovering the most-read articles of 2018 :

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All the best !


Romain Royer, Editor of the Vegetal Research Information Technology News.

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Most-read article of the year : 43 hours of reading !

Plant Breeding Software
Keystone of seed business information management in the research department, must be able to adapt to the specificities of research processes, and at the same time rely on a standard core offering security, sustainability and economical maintenance cost over the years.

Other most read articles

Speed Breeding
How breeders manage to grow 6 generations in a year? Every R&D department in Plant science is running after time, and accelerating nursery growth may be an option to consider with the support of biotech processes and data management tools.

Germplasm Management
How to manage germplasm resources efficiently ? Let’s see how seed companies can find solutions to manage seed resources with as well physical storage insights and accurate traceability of pedigree and genetic/phenotypic information.

Most-attended webinar : 166 participants

Graphical Breeding
Breeders are facing big data challenges from different sources. Some responses are brought with graphical tools for decision making assistance at different stages of a breeding program.

Other most attended webinar

As backcross process is long and repetitive work which requires an efficient organization supported by information systems. Let’s see how they can help automatizing some tasks, preventing from doing errors and supporting into decision making.

SaaS Testing
Cloud innovation now applies to Testing activity. All services are embedded into one same ready-to-use solution supporting agronomists into planning trials, monitoring the trial process, capturing and storing observations, analyzing and visualizing results.   

Watch replays of our webinars :

Research software integration

Share research work

caussade collectiong data rndexp mobile

Integrating the RESEARCH software to the IT ENVIRONMENT saves time and brings security. How to integrate the research software in an heterogeneous information system

breeding software as a service cloud research

How to share breeding data and processes efficiently throughout the research department ?

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