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newsletter April 2019

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Dear Colleague,

We are really excited that the ISF World Seed Congress will be held in Nice, this year, our home town ! We would be pleased to welcome you in our private room Gallieni BO 6 (Level 2).Come and meet us to discuss your breeding projects with our agronomists and business engineers Rudy and Tristan !

On this occasion we have prepared for you a shortlist of the best things to do if you have one day free or an evening around Nice. For your enjoyable stay, read article on things to do in Nice.

Wether you are coming to France or not, it's the occasion to learn more on the French seed market, world leader in seed export and European leader in seed production. Read the article.

Besides, check out some insights of a good collaboration within your R&D department with this new article on laboratory automation, and a special focus at the end of this newsletter.

Wishing you all the best for the start of the spring season !


Romain Royer, Doriane SAS

Editor of the Agro and Genetics Information System News.

Selection of articles


30 minutes webinar by Rudy Mezino, Business engineer, agronomist


Share research work: three scenarios about share breeding data and processes efficiently throughout the research department. Read the article and watch replay of webinar.

Transversal research information system: how generate a the best Return on Investment (ROI) with a collaborative research information system gathering actors of R&D? Read the article

Organizing an R&D department: why and how organize live material experiments and data flow ? Check out on the ins and out of and ERP for breeding and testing departments. Read the article

Label management: optimized processes  bring about ways to save time, avoid errors and improve collaborative work within the research department and with its partners. Read the article and watch replay of webinar.

Sample handlingin management of samples, integrated information system may help to collect, tracking, quality control, analysis and communication of results. Read the article and watch replay of webinar.

Food industry research software: centralize genetic and agronomic information to boost Food industry research through processes and data standardization. Read the article.

Laboratory automation: laboratory activities are a keystone of modern plant breeding programs. It brings breeders and testers fast information for their decision making.Read the article and watch replay of webinar.

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