Newsletter October 2018: Field scoring app and graphical breeding

This month let's focus on tools and tips for breeders and research departments of seed companies

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Dear colleagues,

Earlier this week, seed companies from the whole Europe were meeting during the ESA congress in Madrid. A great occasion to close deals...   ...and discuss your breeding software projects with our agronomist and business manager Tristan !

This month let's focus on seed research with a webinar on graphical breeding, a new articles on field monitoring and a poster publication on breeding processes for the Pasta industry.

Don't miss also our focus on quality management and its impacts on software edition.

All the best !


Romain Royer, Doriane SAS

Editor of the Agro and Genetics Information System Watch.

Selection of articles

farming robots collecting plant breeding data


Check out the insights of plant scoring applications, efficient and cost-effective to collect data in real time and handle big data.

caussade collectiong data rndexp mobile


From plant breeding to industrial processes, get the most of integrated management with a research resource planning.

breeding software as a service cloud research


How a research software and services provider gets more efficient and reliable by controlling its actions and procedures ?

Webinar Backcross processes

When studying hybrid phenotypic and genotypic data, it is challenging to find the right graphical representations, to answer a broad range of questions.

From starting crosses to product development, every breeding process can be optimized by a digital tool for decision-making that handles:
- High amount of heterogeneous data 

- Automation of key decisional flow steps
- Dynamic graphical Tools.

30 minutes presentation from Tristan Duminil,
 agronomy engineer and business manager at Doriane.

Focus on previous webinars on Breeding:


Organize your Corn germplasm for breeding decision-making: Reliable material Codification and renaming, Quick pedigree visualization, Mine historical data with genealogy, New germplasm creation. Watch Replay

Save time and avoid errors during backcross processes: Assistance in parents choice, Automatic codification, Material study, Geographic adjustments. Watch Replay- Read the Article


Accurate choices and relevant decisions are crucial to breeding activities, Focus on interactive crossing matrix, predictive crossing matrix or GCA/SCA matrix, Dynamic genealogy graphs, Statistical reports, Web mapping. Watch Replay

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