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Dear colleagues,

This month's thematic is on Testing:

 - Tips and tools on trial network qualification, to make the most of your multilocation testing campaign.

 - Read the story of Terres Inovia technical institute integrating its whole data chain into RnDExp® IT system

 - What makes a good Agronomy testing software ?

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Have a nice week !


Romain Royer, Doriane SAS

Editor of the Agro and Genetics Information System Watch.

Selection of articles

terres inovia technical institute research software doriane


R&D tools help breeders and testers qualify their trial network and find varieties for a specific environment or less sensible to location heterogeneities.

terres inovia technical institute research software


Terres Inovia, the French oil crop institute is happy and proud to use RnDExp® to hande research data and R&D processes. Read their annual report !

agronomy testing software


How to choose an IT system that tracks the entire chain of agronomy processes and handle various agricultural practices, locations and environments ?

Further readings of interest :


When the mathematician Prof. Jeffrey R Chesnov from Coursera Course modelizes the blooming of a sunflower, with R (thanks to Golden angle and Fibonacci numbers), it results in a highly satisfying motion picture.


Check out the article on the key figures of seed companies in Europe and France that has been updated with UPOV data. 


While reading Peter Wohlleben's bestseller The Hidden Life of Trees, I was puzzled by this statement, that may be useful in research production of seed companies: "Shortly after fertilization, when the seeds are ripening in the flower, they react to environmental conditions. If it is particularly warm and dry, appropriate genes are activated. Scientists have proved that under these conditions, spruce seedlings are able to tolerate warm weather - though they lose the same measure in frost resistance.⁶³"
The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate – Discoveries from a Secret World by Peter Wohlleben, chap. 30 [Note 63: Reiner Finkeldey and Hans H. Hattemer, "Genetische Variation in Wälder - wo stehen wir?" ("Genetic variation in forests - where are we ?"), Forstarchiv81 (July 2010): 123-28]


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