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Dear colleagues,

Let's go into data collection this month ! 

Firstly I'm pleased to introduce you to the testing team of Caussade seed company that digitalized and standardized its notation fieldbooks.

Then we'll look into the revolutionary world of plant breeding robots: What fieldwork they do, how much data they make out of your plots, and how to integrate it to your IT system.

Don't miss as well the next webinar on fieldbook applications to collect your field data, with plenty features for plant breeding and testing.

Have a nice week !


Romain Royer, Doriane SAS

Editor of the Agro and Genetics Information System Watch.

Selection of articles

farming robots collecting plant breeding data


The robots revolution opens new opportunities for farmers, and for crop improvement, gathering loads of accurate  data for experimentation .

caussade collectiong data rndexp mobile


Caussade semences' Corn testing team uses ruggedized tablets with RnDExp application to digitalize its scorings.

Read the implementation story !

data collection software


With RndExp Mobile application, score variables by hand or connected to measurement devices makes actionable data faster, in a secured way.

Further readings of interest :


This article nicely illustrated guides you deep inside the biggest seed bank of the world: The Vault of Svalbard in Norway where is kept 500 seeds of millions of varieties of all major crops. Read also our article on germplasm management.

At once you'll see how much latin America is exporting fruits worlwide, whereas Europe and Russia importing from everywhere. The map shows essential fresh fruit and fruit juice trade flows and highlights some key global trends in the fruit sector. These highlights include the growing global popularity of frozen fruit, tripling trade in avocados and blueberries, and the significant rise in China’s fresh fruit imports.

Europe has adopted a new agreement for the organic sector last month, to be applied in 2021. Farmers will have to buy organic seeds, and will be able to produce and sell their own seeds.


Another example of using crop wild relatives has been revealed by Wageningen University & Research last month: Dr Vosman is working on a wild tomato species from the Galapagos Islands that is resilient to several pests, and highly resistant to whiteflies.

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