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Dear colleagues,

Spring is almost there, even if winter takes its time to vanish this year, mostly in Europe... But you are not here to chitchat on wheather predictions, are you?

It's hard time for breeders and testers to prepare the soil, plan the seedlings and the scoring campaigns, start gathering as much useful wheather and environment data as possible, and track all these in a powerful IT system  !

Don't miss this month special focus on sample handling (article + videos) with examples of sample follow-up within a research department, and specific tools for plant R&D, with real case studies using a transversal research information system.

Also included in this newsletter:

Have a nice day, see you at the next webinar on stock management !


Romain Royer, Doriane SAS

Editor of the Agro and Genetics Information System Watch.

Selection of articles from the Newsletter

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Automate, secure and standardize Sample handling to run multi-criteria statistical analysis

Germplasm Management System


Manage analytical measures with a centralized IT system to plan, track, store and analyze results

Product development software for R&D


What's trending in ag-applications? How editors meet the expectations of agronomists?


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