“Elaborate statistics are not substitute
for meticulous experimentation.”
G.W. Snedecor

RnDExperience® Urban Testing Campaign


These days the Promenade des Anglais, is closed to fight the coronavirus spread in Nice, our headquarter’s city in the South of France. It reminds me of an awkward experiment we have run along the emblematic seafront avenue: An urban testing campaign to analyze its famous blue chairs’ occupancy and maintenance state.

You wonder “Why on earth has the team Doriane been studying benches?” Let’s be honest with you, it was more a pretext for trying our RnDExperience® plant breeding and testing software in real life: “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey”.

And in the end this side project has proved so useful it’s worth revisiting it:

“Let’s observe occupancy and maintenance state of Nice’s blue chairs on the Promenade des Anglais… it will give decision making results for the best harmony of our seafront.” Project synopsis

Prepare, run and analyze a testing campaign


Meeting during the project

After a short brainstorming session to define goals to reach and everyone’s role, the 48h IT project has started : We run it like an external one, initiated with an audit and continued using the Agile method :

 • Listing actions, defining their sequence
 • Building the scenarios, mapping out work processes on a mockup
 • Choosing the tools and configuration needed

“Managed as an IT project, by essence innovative and unique.” David, Senior consultant.

Configure a set of campaign tools for testing

urban testing campaign scheme

General scheme of the processes

RnDExperience® tools have been configured such as a typical agronomy testing campaign:

        1. Prepare your campaign : objective, treatments, factors, geography
        2. Prepare notation fieldbooks
        3. Take observations in the field
        4. Centralize data by synchronization
        5. Analyze the results
        6. Produce graphical reports

Making up and configuring specific tools within RnDExp and RnDExpMobile applications was the response for quick and disconnected data entry, reliable tracking of work and powerful data visualization.

“Software flexibility is the key to match with every users’ desires. Configuration to research processes and personal preferences enable every user work efficiently.” Pascal, Technical Manager.

Testing campaign result reporting


Campaign report samples

Agronomy decision-making reports of RnDExperience® have been used to analyze the observations of chair occupancy and condition

         • Histograms to give an overview

         • Dynamic graphs for actionable data

         • Maps for geographical representation

“Designed to compare several materials with each other using the results of experiments stored in the RnDExp database, RnDExp-Viz offers the visualization of your data with emphasis on ergonomics, accessibility and interactivity.” Nikita, Software developer.

Lessons learned from the Urban Testing Campaign

It’s a challenge to try out your own product in real. Why bother, when your product development or marketing teams do it so well? At Doriane we believe instead that becoming a user is the best way to make sure a product is user friendly. And this project has been a good way to practice user experience!

Side projects foster a team’s creativity and cooperation. This Urban Testing Campaign has involved the whole team across all our customers’ activities, and since then some great ideas have emerged:

In March 2020 we have launched a brand new data visualization platform: RnDExp Viz. It includes several comparison, analysis and reporting tools, and the web interface is intuitive and usable with little or no training.

In February 2020 during the user meeting RnDays our customers have played a “hunter game” to test their skills and deepen their global knowledge on RnDExperience® tools. Designed by our consulting team, the game will be included in user training sessions for enhanced learning.


“Doriane listening and creativity leads researchers to their goals”  

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