“Elaborate statistics are not substitute
for meticulous experimentation.”
G.W. Snedecor

RnDays: Software users meet Doriane


User feedback

users feedback

Pascal listens users feedback

Listening to the needs and expectations of the users enables Doriane to evolve its software and services in a customer’s centric direction. Meeting our customers’ demand contributes to delivering Quality Certified Research Software by considering their activities' challenges and risks. Software evolutions planning depends on several criterias, including a calculation of the benefit for users, number of users affected and difficulty to develop. Such "Agile" notations enables the editor team to priorize user demands in what they call the "Product Backlog".

5 days of exchanges

users feedback

Days of Exchanges

ergonomy presentation of RndExp

Ergonomy presentation of RndExp

Doriane training sessions

Doriane training sessions

External presentations

Hiphen and Cybeltech presentations

Every year, Doriane invites RnDExperience® users and administrators to a week of information and exchanges. One half day is dedicated to new features presentations, followed by half day of open discussions. One another day focusses on external presentations and debates. Specific thematic training sessions are proposed throughout the week.

New features presentation

The editor team of Doriane constantly develops new features or revamps existing ones to better fit users experience. Presenting these innovations to the users is crucial to let them know new features and give the administrators an overview of the possible benefits for end users’ teams.

Inter-organization training sessions

During the week, several training sessions from 4 hours to 2 days long are the occasion for users to deepen their knowledge on various functionalities and train new researchers and administrators. For instance, an initiation to the use of RnDExp® plant breeding software for new users, or a detailed presentation and practical exercises for administrators on complex statistical reports. Several trainings are organized at the same time, so that every attendee builds his own training program that fits to its needs.

External presentations on “Vegetal R&D data valorization

In 2019 Doriane has invited two partners, experts in research information valorization:

 - Marion Carrier, Chief Scientific Officer at Cybeletech SAS has presented « Mathematical Modelling and Data analytics for smart breeding », explaining how machine learning and data analysis contribute to decision-making in variety breeding and agronomy.

 - Alexis Comar, CEO of HiPhen has shared its experience in drones collecting field data: « UAV Phenotyping solutions for breeding and agronomy »  

Virtues of customer-centric dialogue

partners of r&d dialogue

Partners of R&D dialogue

Officially the RnDays include two discussion times: A brainstorming on new needs of users and expectations that Doriane can add to his product roadmap, and debates on the most important topics for the users with wide subjects around R&D information management. Informal exchanges during meals, breaks and most of all the afternoon excursion are also special moments of dialogue when users appreciate to discuss openly with all the team Doriane.

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The expertise of Doriane brings the three players of R&D the resources to organize, share and valorize their research projects:
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