“Elaborate statistics are not substitute
for meticulous experimentation.”
G.W. Snedecor

RnDays 2020 for plant research software users


What a pleasure for Doriane’s team to welcome the users of its plant research software RnDExperience™ in Nice in February 2020! You know how much it matters to us to stay connected to our software users and administrators. This link is the key to build user-friendly software and enable the community to get the most of our developments.

“ RAGT 2n has been one of the first companies to deploy RnDExperience™ SaaS Breeding, in January 2020. The team has adopted the new system very quickly to start their 2020 campaigns, and all their data is stored securely, organized properly and compatible with the custom RnDExperience™ configuration of all other RAGT 2n stations.” Eric Carrara, Scientific consultant, RAGT

Convivial moments for fruitful exchanges


Doriane team with its software users

Whatever the relevance of speeches and animations during the official program, off discussions are always the most interesting. Users highly appreciate direct and open discussions with members of the team Doriane, and it’s a unique occasion as well for our developers to discuss with end users on their needs. This year the sea-view room and terrace of the Radisson Blu hotel, and the modern Mediterranean cuisine of Casa Leya offered a perfect environment for discussions between Doriane’s team and their plant research software users!

“New features such as gradient color function and simplification of forms design seem interesting.” David Monso, R&D Database administrator, Semillas Fitó

The future of plant research software


One slide of Doriane presentations

Most expected moment of the user days, editors unveiled the new version of the plant research software RnDExperience™. And it was a good surprise to hear what has been done this year toward a better usability: Presentation interface has been revamped, including big modifications on the data grids and enabling cool features such as drag-and-drop columns, keyboard navigation, column or raw freeze and copy-paste.

A brand-new platform for product development has been released: RnDExp Viz™. It’s a web-based, easy-to-use comparison tool integrated to the main database.

RnDExp™ Mobile app for offline data collection as well evolved according to users’ demands, notably to simplify the synchronization and customize the virtual keyboard. Advances have also been made in statistics with the improvement of ANOVA, “One repetition” analysis and new tools to study GxE and correlations in the plant research software.

“The videos of new features presentations could be very useful, may we use it to present more easily the possibilities of evolution of the breeding software to users and managers ?” Christiane Lario, IT manager, CAUSSADE SEMENCES Group

Treasure hunt in the plant research software


Users searching the treasure

For the first time Doriane's team has organized a game through various features of several applications of the RnDExperience™ suite. Grouped in teams, the researchers, IT managers and research directors had to join forces to follow instructions, find the clues and finally discover the hidden word. This experience was a lot of fun and much lessons have been learned. Interesting remarks were expressed during the use, and gamers discovered new functionalities of the plant research software from the inside.

“Playing throughout the software features is stimulating and gives a good understanding, Treasure Hunt should be included in your training sessions!” David Hamelin, Head of Breeding Technology & Data, MAS Seeds

NrGene presentation on Genetical breeding


NrGene genetical presentation

NRGene’s advanced multi-purpose breeding platform, is a cloud-based solution for managing the full genomic diversity of species. The comprehensive platform integrates all of NRGene’s solutions in one place and can be used for a single crop or multiple crops. It’s available for both commercial and academic users as a full computational platform.

GenoMAGIC is routinely used by seed companies to support increasing global demand for food with higher nutritional value. GenoMAGIC integrates vast genomic data and provides immediate access and insights for breeding better performing varieties.

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