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Quality Certified research software


Our company has been ISO9001 certified by Bureau Veritas every year since 2011, for the constant quality improvement of all our processes. And to comply with software highest standards we have been Gold Microsoft partner since 2007. These certifications guarantee the best products and services to the seed industry, agronomical institutes and food research departments.

What means a quality standard certification ?

quality management certification software editor ISO9001

The Quality Management System can be summarized by this scheme. The quality of every process is guaranteed by specific procedures.

An ISO 9001 certification attests the will of a company to stay connected to customer's needs. It means that the organization of the company is thought in an efficient way, well structured, with constant control on the processes.

With a quality management system, an organization ensures the optimization of its methods and the quality of its productions:

 - Describe the important processes and actions leading to product and services delivery, setup procedures for every task

 - Make sure every step of the procedures is always accomplished 

 - Keeping all procedures up-to-date constantly, and review the relevancy of the method at least every year during the annual audit.

Every process is involved in the constant improvement: Operational strategy, enterprise policy, finances, economy, human resources and all operational processes

Since the version 2015 of the ISO 9001 label, the organization's strategy is even more implied, with the necessity to identify its main challenges, threats and opportunities. New quality indicators are setup to stay alert on market evolutions and technologies (such as the cloud breeding software-as-a-service for instance).

How Doriane certifies the quality of all its activities ?

quality manual certification breeding software editor

Doriane's Quality manual describes our quality management system and policy in accordance with ISO 9001 version 2015 standards.

Since 2011, the company Doriane is ISO 9001 certified by Bureau Veritas.

Every year an audit is performed on every activity of the company: "Design, Integration and Training of Departemental software for Biology Research". The aim of this check-up is to ensure that every project we conduct follows a clear and useful objective, and make sure we manage to reach the goal. In practice, it consists most of the time to stay connected to the customer's needs: Meet their demand, take into account their activities' challenges and risks. 

Many processes have been improved along the years:

  • The security of internal data on our servers and in the cloud (shared files, emails, customer data...)
  • Templates for every internal document, so that everyone uses the same
  • Trimestrial and annual interview of every employee and manager, to keep a good dialogue among the team
  • Systematic collection of user and customer feedback: After the annual release, after a training, etc...
  • Setup collaborative tools in every service: Administration, business, consulting and editor
  • Agile organization of the editor processes to gain in flexibility and federate the team
  • Organize users days every year to reveal our innovations and get customer feedback 

Besides these measures, our dedication to quality requires to stay alert about our environment's evolutions: human resources availability, suppliers performances, technology evolutions, customer challenges , market trends. It involves also internally a structuration of the team in well identified services, enhancing security and collaboration.

Another example of our commitment to provide quality products is the regular revamping of our software. Nearly every ten years, we create and deliver a new system, with a fresh core, enabling integration and interfaces with the latest technologies. For more information, read our article on Software life cycle.

Advantages of a quality certified research software editor

"Some people still have the impression that following a standard is a burden that brakes on innovation. On the contrary, by identifying the processes and using appropriate documents, we control actions and procedures that get more efficient." Florence Royer, Marketing director and Quality manager.

As a result, our software and services really match with users' needs and Doriane's activities perpetuated. Our customers are ensured that products are the more durable, the more efficient possible, and always state-of-the -art.












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