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Label to identify agronomy objects of plant research



In every activity, the identification of objects manipulated is critical, mainly when observations are done over a long period of time, by several people and across long processes. In vegetal R&D, the identification of material, treatment and location is critical for research efficiency, thus labelling deserves to be done carefully, and optimized. Let’s see how label management can save time and avoid errors in material observation, identification and handling.

Choosing the right label

Choosing the right label for plant research trials depends on many criteria and must fit to the organization’s practices:
Resistance to outside conditions (pests, aphid honeydew, …) and chemical aggression (fertilizer, phytosanitary)
• Format that matches the size of the object to identify, and the amount of information to display (barcode, name, details, instructions)

Research information software such as RnDExp® enables to setup custom label characteristics (format, size…). Many options enable to design labels and configure printers such as Zebra or Datamatrix for instance.

Labels for various identification in the plant research department

label plant research outdoor resistant

Outdoor resistant label

seed bag label plant research

Seed bag label

seed inventory research label

Rack label for seed research inventory

plant research label tomato weight capture

Label with barcode for weight data collection

A large diversity of objects can be identified by labels in the agronomy department:
• Planted materials such as plant, plot, trial … 
• Physical materials: seed bags, warehouse racks, vessels, products
• Material and packages, shipments
• Harvests (fruits, grains)

Label identification facilitates sample tracking, material storage, and allows researchers to access to every detail of product and, in case of need, print it immediately.

Labels to prepare sowing

Labelling seed bags makes sure the right cultivar gets planted in the right plot according to the experimental design. The breeding software helps preparing labels with plot number, route number and other information on the seeds.

Seed inventory labels

Scanning barcodes is the fastest and most secure way to check seed bags quantities and allocation in the warehouse, or to track seed exchanges with other breeding stations, service providers, partner farmers.

Labels for fast and accurate data collection

Barcodes also help identifying plots, plants, lots of fruits or seed bags to optimize the process of data collection. For instance, to input tomato weight after harvest, with a scale and a barcode reader connected to the breeding software.

Label management in the breeding software

label plant research software codification

Breeding software label codification

In a nutshell, accurate label management depends on four conditions:
• Invest into equipment (printers, labels, barcode readers, connected measurement devices)
• Standardize label formats (information to display, codes) for each process with all actors
• Setup codification rules for the identification of objects with the labels
• Centralize and automate the processes in an information system

Implementing the whole labelling process (edit, print and read) through centralized data management system enables to save time and avoid errors. RnDExperience® enables to manage specific labelling tools at each step of breeding and analytical processes. for the full process optimization.

Optimize labels to enhance data management

label plant research security

Accurate label management secures plant research activities

Efficient use of labels within the R&D department brings opportunities to optimize information management:
• Automatically generated codes save time and enhances team work
• Standard methods enable “blind” evaluations for certified quality results
• Enables barcode use and automation of object identification

Such optimization processes bring about ways to save time, avoid errors and improve collaborative work within the research department and with its partners.

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