“Elaborate statistics are not substitute
for meticulous experimentation.”
G.W. Snedecor

Plant Breeding software

Management of breeding processes for research departments

Plant breeding is a long working process to create new varieties with better characteristics, such as plant resistance to disease, climatic conditions, parasites, increase productivity, expand their nutritional value, taste, etc.

Breeder obtain new varieties after many years of work, and successive purges of varieties to find the best ones.

To manage these different breeding processes, and the amount of data over the year, Doriane provides RnDExp Software, to help breeders in their decision making and lead them to their objectives.


RnDExp handles all crops schemes: self pollinated, hybrid, population, and propagation

  • Easy to use for small teams as well as large research departements.
  • Accurate tracking of breeding processes from crosses preparation to  hybrids and varieties launching.  
  • High level administration and access rights control. 
  • No programming required to customize the software and fit your specific business rules.

Germplasm inventory

Can I manage my germplasm and its characteristics?

In RnDExp, breeders can store their germplasm and have a real-time view of all their material, and its characteristics. To find easily an information on a material, breeders can manage their specific interface presentations displaying traits that interest them, or use the quick filter tool to query the stock of material inputting multiple criteria.

Is it possible to manage my germplasm quantities?

In RnDExp, there is a real-time view of material quantities, and automatic adjustment after use of material for an experience. The software can also send some alert in case of seed insufficient regarding for example implementation of trials.

Does the system ensure the traceability of my seed material?

RnDExp stores all actions in its database, tracking all action between the stock of material and the experiments. So, the software ensures the traceability of all seed movement and breeders can visualize historical data of their seed material regarding their research activities.

Can I visualize pedigree and genealogy using this system?

RnDExp displays the pedigree of your material and provides an interactive genealogy tool to explore traits and characteristics of materials over generation. This interactive tool can display traits, characteristics, picture, to provide the breeders all information they require for the study of variety.

Can I configure user profile?

Each breeder or team has their own preferences, and RnDExp enables the team administrator to setup rules on every user, or group of users.


RnDExp helps team manage their germplasm and helps ensure the continuity of its inventory

  • Germplasm qualification, weight, quantities.
  • Tracing material movement between stock and experiments.
  • Genotypes renaming. 


All types of experiments for creation and modification of genetic material (including polycross and synthetic).


  • Management of lines and self-pollination, breeding nurseries and behavioral nurseries.
  • Study of material by experiment at the row, plant and genotype level.
  • Coding of generation n+1 using your custom methods.
  • Geographic adjustment by the closest controls and latin square controls.
  • View of color-coded results and calculated variables. 

Making of hybrids and varieties

  • Management of multiplication nurseries.
  • Management of isolation for the making of hybrids with management of field plans.

Assessment and Analysis

  • Evaluation of materials with repeated, randomized, intercalated, or strip controls. 
  • Multiple views that synthesize experiment values with the qualifications of parents in breeding nurseries. 
  • Visualisation by dynamic ascending, decending or weighed genealogy. 
  • Breeding assistance: ex: trials results x parents value.
  • Calculation of general and specific combining abilities (GCA/SCA); Regression and PCA dynamic graphics.

For each steps of the process

  • Labels, reports and forms editing.
  • Data import and Export to Excel. 
  • Fast crossings of parents or list of parents across experiments. 
  • Automatic generation of new crossing codes with your own custom methods.
  • Tracking of operations.
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Management of breeding processes for research departments.

RnDExp handles all crops schemes: self pollinated, hybrid, population and propagation.

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Offline application to record agronomic notations an Windows Pcs and tablets. Designed to rapidly and safely observe and measure a large number of items, by manual, vocal or connected input. Available in three editions to fit every research organization: FREE trial, PROFESSIONAL unlimited and ENTERPRISE with data and configuration synchronization, and improved performances. More information on rndexpmobile.com

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