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Plant Breeding Innovations : 2016 overview and perspectives for 2017

MUST SEE VIDEO on plant breeding in the world in 2016 and its perspectives for 2017


Overview of a series of conferences during the American Seed Trade Association congress “ASTA CSS & Seed Expo” in Chicago on December 5 to 9. Focus is made on the main crops and major companies.

Very interesting presentations from:

- Evolution of the Plant breeding innovation internationally by Andy LaVigne, President & CEO American Trade Association.
What is Plant Breeding Innovation?
Relevance to Consumers, Farmers.
ASTA Overarching Policy Position.
Need for Consistent International Policy.
Goal: Access to the Entire Toolbox.

- Dr Jerry Flint, Vice President, Industry Affairs & Regulatory, DuPont Pioneer: Presentation of CRISPR-Cas, the IT toolbox of their breeders
DuPont Pioneer: Innovation on legacy of Crop Improvement Innovation
How do they manage breeding with CRISPR-CAS?
CIMMYT & DuPont Pionner Public-Private Partnership

- Corinne Marshall, IP & licensing Manager, Sakata Seed, America, Inc: How gene editing might be applied on vegetable production?
Presentation of Sakata current activities and breeding programs
How Sakata became a world leader in broccoli?
Challenges Facing Vegetable Production
Conventional Solutions (Chemical Controls, Resistant Varieties)
Gene Editing

- Juliet Marshall, Associate Professor University of Idaho: Insights of Barley breeding for the bread and pastry industry
Utilization of Gene-Editing to Reduce Disease
Host genetic Susceptibility to a Pathogen Toxin
Agricultural and Environmental Benefits (Breeding, Genetic Engineering and Access)

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RAGT R2n, European leader in Cereals, Corn, forages and Oil crops
"The software constant evolutions, in terms of performance, ergonomy, flexibility for the breeding processes modelling is a warranty of perennity very important for us."
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