“Elaborate statistics are not substitute
for meticulous experimentation.”
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Manage your research seed stock


At every step of the breeding process, material from your seed bank will be used, new material will be created, material will be deleted and so on.

The stock of your seed ressources evolves constantly and breeders need accurate tools to manage their physical storages over years of experimentation.

This is our topic today: How to manage efficiently your stock of research seeds?

Watch the video presenting all the Stock Management Processes !

Rudy Mezino, agronomist and sales magager, has presented all the processes of Stock Management in vegetal R&D, with real case studies using the information system RnDExp®, connecting transverse research activities, during a live webinar. Click here to ask for the webinar replay.

1 - Effective listing of seed resources

When you have a seed bank composed of materials over years of experimentation, for example materials in backcross processes, material in DH, in nurseries, it is not easy to find quickly a material seedbag, and its characteristics. How a good information system can help your staff to be more efficient to find a material ?

Display seed bag characteristics

As you can see in the video, a same solution, here RnDExp, can be used by different user profiles (a breeder, a technician), and in a few seconds they can access to the entire list of the seed ressources and the characteristics that interests them. It is good to have a complete listing of all your seed resources over years, but how to find quickly a material in this list?

Find quickly a material using advanced tools

Various tools help your breeders or your technician find quickly a material , its origins and have the complete traceabily over the years of experimentation.

To illustrate this example, we connected  a weightscale and a barcode reader to RnDExp, to make easier the technician work.

Find quickly a material using a bar code reader

Here is example, of connected  weightscale and barcode reader to RnDExp, that facilitate the technician work.

2 - Management of physical storage

The physical storage of your seeds is constantly in evolution. You have new material to add in your list of seedbags, for a same seedbag, you have to update the quantity of seeds, delete materials from your stock, and so on. In this part, i will show you how an information system such as RnDExp helps your staff to manage efficiently these evolutions.

Import/Update/Delete easily seed materials

You can import, update, delete new material in few seconds, thanks to smart header recognition.

Mix/Divide lots

A good information system should be enough flexible to manage operation on your seed bags, such as mix of seedbags or division of seedbags. Here an example of division of a 20 Kg seedbag into two bags of 10 Kg.

Track warehouse allocation and space

As you can see RnDExp is flexible to manage operation on your seedbags and automates the codification of new lots code. With an example on the tracking of wharehouse allocation and space.

3 - Management of the interactions with breeding processes

RnDExp helps your breeders interaction between their breeding activities and their seed resources.

Let’s start with the first example of seeds and lots codification after the harvest time:

Codify all the seeds harvested

 In a few seconds, you have an automatic codification, that saves time for your breeders, for instance on the screenshot on the left, the four yellow columns have just been automatically filled up with new identifiers for the new materials

Seed Inventory

Before sowing, breeders generally order the seedbags depending on the sowing route that they defined previously. An information system such as RnDExp can assist breeders in their inventory process.

Seed dispatching function

Seed dispacthing function in RnDExp helps seed companiesavoid losing investment when planning an experiment and not having enough seeds to achieve it.

These tools help breeders manage their seed stock

A breeding software such as RnDExp helps breeders to manage efficiently their research seed ressources. It allows breeders to have a real time over view of their seed ressources, to plan and adjust if necessary their breeding processes. Being able to react in real time is an important point, to notably save investments.

RnDExp is aimed to organize and ensure the traceability of the seed resources. Improving the efficiency of the seed management is a key of saving time of your breeders. Also, in the context of seed certification, RnDExp allows your breeders to track each seeds origins during long breeding processes. This the key of seed quality delivered to market.

RnDExp is a collaborative software allowing your technicians and breeders to interact together using a solution. On Seed management processes integrating field activities and warehouses management is a key of organization efficiency. Collaborative software such RnDExp favor and value the feedbacks and experience from all your staff, and encourage the improvement of the quality of the data exchanged.

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