“Elaborate statistics are not substitute
for meticulous experimentation.”
G.W. Snedecor

Interview with Fred Royer, Doriane's CEO


Exclusive interview of Fred Royer, Doriane's CEO !

 Discover more information on Doriane, the French IT experts specialized in the organization of plant research directly from its CEO Fred Royer. Pioneer in bioinformatics, he started the development of a software for studying plants in their environments  in 1984.

The latest version of the software is RnDExperience, recognized worldwide for its reliability and flexibility. Doriane also offers a whole range of services to support research departments in managing change. From listening to needs to personalized configuration, the team offers to centralize and facilitate data analysis efficiently and quickly.

Today at the head of a team of 15 engineers a dual scientific and IT skills, Fred presents his company :


JMS: With us Fred Royer who occupies a niche in the digital world, a small part of that world. You make a software to facilitate research, right?

FR: Yes, that's it exactly. It's a software that organizes research, especially in the field of agro-vegetal and the environment. We are a team of 16 people today, with a good growth, and we have 35 clients, agro-industrial organizations or technical institutes, on 3 continents.

JMS: But what exactly is the need?

FR: The exact need is for researchers to collaborate with each other, and to exchange on research protocols; harmonize research and collaboration protocols, within the same company. And the next step would be to go inter-company as well.

We can see the great polemics that there can be on research, particularly in the medical field. In fact, all these controversies are not related to the methodology for monitoring experiments by the research, they are related to the lack of prior agreement on the protocol to be followed. Once the different laboratories agree on the protocol, the methodology is followed.

JMS: So you have a software that allows to manage the different formulas of research in the different sectors? 

FR: Exactly: the different protocols, processes, and concepts are very transversal, which makes it applicable in an organization that has a many laboratories, or different laboratories, and even in activities that can be quite different.

JMS: So your customers are the laboratories?

FR: Our customers are the research departments of large organizations: large food and beverage companies, international companies, and technical institutes. They are people who have a lot of grey matter to do what we do, but who prefer to rely on a standard, mutualized software, and to mutualize the investment because it is a very big investment.

JMS: What's the software called?

FR: RnD Experience.

JMS : RnDExperience, so those who practice it will recognize it.

FR: Yes, absolutely.

JMS: Is it rented, is it in SaaS mode?

FR: It's in classic mode because in this sector, research data is not yet on a SaaS mode, it's starting, but people are still very cautious, they are still on their own servers, well protected.

JMS: Does it generate a lot of turnover, a lot of revenue?

FR: Well, the operating income is 1.9 million euros, with double-digit growth, and we expect it to double within 3 years and multiply by 4 within 6 years.

JMS: A website?

FR: www.doriane.com

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