“Elaborate statistics are not substitute
for meticulous experimentation.”
G.W. Snedecor

Heliantis variety testing software


Heliantis Experimentation is THE variety testing expert in South of France.

Partner of more than 65 seed companies, they advise and support their customers according to their testing needs.

With more than 200 hectares (500 acres) in 40 different locations, they run variety testing trials, produce, and process seeds.

Joris, South area manager, probably puts it best:

“Our activity consists in setting up the trials, do the notations and report data with statistical analysis to the customer. Our main concern it to deliver reliable and repeatable data, as soon as possible. “

Why RnDExp variety testing software ?

In 2007 the Neyron family farm decided to specialize in variety testing. They needed a strong IT system to track and automate their workflow. They also wanted to secure all the precious information plant breeders entrust to them.

So they switched to RnDExperience variety testing software from Doriane:

" We used to work on Excel, with no database. With RnDExp we supply our customers with more accurate results, faster. And it fits to all our needs from campaign preparation to notation in the field or lab, and reporting. "

variety testing software

Benefits of a Cloud variety testing software

And that’s only the start of a successful story:

In 2019, Heliantis experimentation has chosen to host their variety testing software in the cloud.

They can tell you all the benefits of this shift to RnDExp SaaS Testing:

" We don’t bother with server issues and software updates: the system is always ready with the latest features. The software suits our needs, and it’s pretty playful. Moreover, Doriane’s team is always all hears for us to support users and listen to our needs in terms of configuration or new tools. "

variety testing software

All the features for variety testing

In their daily work, Heliantis’ agronomists appreciate the useful features of their variety testing software:

" Statistical reports are easy to launch and very efficient to present our results. At any moment we can print progress reports and analysis of a trial. "

" We save much time setting up our trials. We prepare a massive number of trials every year. Every time it’s new materials to declare, various protocols, field maps, replications and so on. We are able to mass import customers’ data from their files pretty easily. "

" Notation files are a big part of our work. In a few clicks we issue a notation file that include all information: coordinates, plot numbers, material identifiers with names and barcodes, field number and so on… We directly use it on tablets in the field to take the notations, then import it to the database to stock it. We know Doriane also proposes a handy application to help retrieve notations directly from field. "

variety testing software

Safe, fast, and efficient testing software

Handling the priceless material of a plant breeding department is a huge responsibility, and Heliantis experimentation can rely on RnDExp SaaS variety testing software.

Material tracking and data integrity is ensured by the safeness of a central system that combines all the tools they need.

" We do our best to avoid losing data. And we‘ve got to be 100% sure of our results. At the end of the season, we check huge amounts of data very quickly, and if some data looks wrong, we have all the statistical analysis package to identify the origin and report it to the customer. "

Image credits: © 2021 Heliantis Experimentation

To go further, watch the video of our webinar :

Field Trial Network Qualification

Keep up with the best trial management practices for Plant Breeding and Agronomy testing:
- Support material dispatching
- Enhance results relevance
- Assess field heterogeneities

Presented by Clément Bouckaert, Agronomist and IT expert

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