“Elaborate statistics are not substitute
for meticulous experimentation.”
G.W. Snedecor

Gautier Semences Breeders Using RnDExp®



Digitalize breeding processes

? Enhance their tracking of germplasm and seeds,

? Perpetuate and valorize researchers’ intellectual assets by digitalizing and centralizing their methods and tools


RnDExp® breeding software

Audit, installation and training of  RnDExp® plant breeding software by Doriane support team

High engagement of Gautier's Data Informatics manager


More security and efficiency

♥ Every piece of information is centralized; all the processes start in RnDExp® and every data end up there.

♥ Save time and reduce the risk of errors in some activities of the breeding department

“One of the best advantages of RnDExp® consists in being a true database software: Every piece of information is centralized; all the processes start in RnDExp® and every data ends up there. Even if some activities still work with spreadsheet tools aside, all the data is constantly being exported from and imported to RnDExp®.” Charles-Antoine, Data informatics Manager

Gautier Semences equips its main breeding crops with RnDExperience®

Gautier Semences

Melon observation at Gautier Semences

Gautier Semences started to centralize and standardize their data and processes with RnDExp® in 2005, mainly for two reasons:

  • Enhance their tracking of germplasm and seeds, notably to compel with vegetable seed production quality regulations
  • Perpetuate and valorize researchers’ intellectual assets by digitalizing and centralizing their methods and tools

The deployment has been done for lettuce, squash, tomato, melon, pepper and cauliflower.

At Gautier Semences, most researchers use RnDExp® tools to handle their R&D and breeding processes, such as crosses, trials, pathology testing and seed quality. Every breeder of the team centralizes research data in the database and they share information depending on their user’s rights. The whole system is supported by Gautier’s Data Informatics manager Charles-Antoine, with the help of Doriane consultants when needed:

“We appreciate the good listening, comprehending and problem-solving skills of Doriane support team. Every time we request an optimization of the configuration, they provide quality assistance, including guidance, testing and feedback exchanges.” Charles-Antoine, Data informatics Manager

Accelerating and securing Gautier's laboratory

Gautier Semences laboratory

Gautier Semences laboratory at Eyragues

Laboratory processes have also been totally integrated to the research IT system, without disturbing the routine of breeders. This crucial activity has greatly benefited from RnDExp®, notably for molecular markers analysis that must be done as fast and accurately as possible.

“We’ve saved time with this optimization and the risk of errors has been reduced. The whole team is happy about it !” Gautier Semences' biotech manager

Image Sources

Melon observation: © Gautier Semences

Laboratory: © Lacombe-Florinier

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