“Elaborate statistics are not substitute
for meticulous experimentation.”
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Agronomy testing software


Research Software for agronomy testing

Manage your agronomy testing experiment, and find the best agronomical methods for your trials. RnDExperience® allows the users to track the entire chain of agronomy process and test diversified agricultural practice, locations and environment for trials, phytosanitary products applications. Thanks to its powerful database, RnDExp agronomy testing software allows the users to compile data each step of the trials process and find the best practices to obtain the best results on the field.


Integrated agronomy research software for seed companies, agrofood industry and agronomic research:

  • Easy to use for small teams as well as large research departements.
  • High level administration and access rights control.
  • Track the entire chain of experimentation processes, from inventory and seed availability to statistical analysis of large trial networks.
  • All types of crops studied: self-pollinated, hybrids, population and propagation.
  • No programming required to customize the software and fit your specific business rules.

Preparing agronomical testing campaign

Is it possible to manage lists of phytosanitary products using the software?

  • Based on header recognition, you can import easily data from your Excel or Csv files, thanks to RnDExp smart import interface. All the varieties imported are stored in your “Stock of varieties” of the plant breeding software, so there is no need to import a same variety several times.

Is it possible to manage phytosanitary products inventory?

  • The users manage in real time his products quantities and will receive warning with potential lacks of products for the implementation of his trials. Read more in the Agronomy testing session.

What type of environment data can I store in the software?

  • It is possible to store covariables related to your experiment such as cultural methods, soil specificities, weather conditions, hydrology. More you complete these meta-data more you will be able to compare homogeneous and same types of data together.

Is it possible to store several levels of data describing my trials?

  • The testers can store environment covariables and cultural methods. Then store data from larger objects to smaller objects: data at field level > at rows level > at plants level > at flowers level > and so on. So, testers can compare the effects on the environmental conditions for each of these levels.

Is it possible to manage products testing by stage?

  • Testers can schedule quantity of products and stage applications with associated dates, as part of the Product development described here.

What are the types of designs available in the software for the trials set-up?

  • Testers have access to a library of pre-configured designs such as Completed Blocks, Lattice, Square Alpha-plans, Split-plots, Invertible Blocks.

Is it possible to print documents for field purpose?

  • Testers can print many types of documents: Labels (example for sowing), field-maps, forms, handbooks containing traits and observations to score per stage, etc.


Preparing agronomical testing campaign with RnDExp agronomic testing software

  • Visibility and fast access to inventory trial variables and covariables. 
  • Organizing method and trial network at the level of fields, rows, plants, flowers,… 
  • Manage a library of designs : Completed Blocks, Lattices, Square Alpha-Plans, Split Plots and invertible blocks. 
  • Printing: labels, handbooks, reports, analyses. 

Trial management

Can I manage trial networks in simple and multiple locations?

  • There is a trial network tool to manage your trials in single or multiple locations (different fields, stations, countries). Helping testers to create and configured quickly large trial networks.

Can I manage teams associated to each trial? Even in multiple locations? Is everybody allowed to see all trials data results?

  • Base on rules of access rights, it is possible to manage different teams from different locations, allowing users to share research work, for example managers to dispatch tasks, have an overview of the work advancement in real time, make some todolists, etc.

Is it possible to connect weather stations with the software?

  • It is possible to connect multiple devices with the software, for example: Weather station, tablets, bar code readers, NIRS, weight scales, GPS, UAV, etc. Also, you can automate data entry and we have a specific module allowing users to plan tasks that need calculation resources to be launched at period with low users ‘activities (Ex: at the night).

What are the different ways to export and import trials results?

  • Testers can export handbook or Excel files containing the traits and observations to score. Then they can import back data manually or import Excel files with header recognition. The second way to export/import data is using RnDExp Mobile Enterprise, our dedicated Software for data collection for tablets: Testers just synchronize their data with the Software and can export/import easily their data with no middleman files.


Trial management with RnDExp agronomy testing software

  • Import of objects to experiments from inventory or Excel files. 
  • Fast setting up of trials on several location according to the inventory of studied objects (variety, cultural methods,…).  
  • User defined data display and access rights control.
  • Automated operations with tasks and todo lists. 

Geography and culture units

Can I have a view of trial implementations on a specific location?

  • Users can have a view of all experiences set up on a location and have a view of the data collection advancement in real time on the field.

Is it possible to manage routes for testing process?

  • Testers can manage specific route for their field processes (sowing, data collection, harvesting, …) to guide and help them to save their time by organizing their itineraries.

Is it possible to make trial adjustments in the software after the set-up? (modify the design of trials, edit environment covariables, etc.).

  • After creating the set-up of your trials, sometimes hazards make breeders change the original set-up. RnDExp allows users to make these changes easily and adapt their set-up for a better adjustment to the reality of the breeding conditions.


Geography and culture units with RnDExp agronomy testing software

  • Graphical representation of field set up for experiments.
  • Route for sowing, scoring, harvesting, ... 
  • Display derived variable results directly on the image of the culture unit. 
  • Edit trial environment covariables. 

Validate data, analyze and decide

Is it possible to print field maps with plot numbers?

  • RnDExp allow the breeders to print field maps of single trial or networks of trials, displaying information such as the route number, the plot number, the name of the blocs, the name of varieties per plot, depending of the preference of the final user.

Does the software make statistical analysis?

  • Obtain in few seconds, complete statistical reports on one trial or network of trials composed of thousand data plots, thanks to RnDExp Statistical tool allowing users to configure their statistical profiles on the variables or traits that they want to analyze.

Does RnDExp include interactive graphs to manipulate easily data?

  • RnDExp provides interactive graphs to analyze quickly data, have a quick view of the results, allowing the user to launch interactive PCA, histograms, boxplots, regression and manipulate directly data on the graphs to exclude outliers or select data with interest.

Does RnDExp statistical tool manage missing data?

  • RnDExp manage estimation of missing values for the analysis of incomplete data, based on Yates formula.

It is possible to configure specific reports for marketing purpose? (Communicate results)

  • It is possible to configure specific Word, PDF, Excel reports using RnDExp for research purpose or commercial purpose. These reports can include information from different activities, and can be configured depending of the preferences of the end users.



Validate data, analyze and decide with RnDExp tagronomic testing software

  • Automatic data synchronization with external data collect tools.
  • Statistical analysis : multi-year and multilocation trials grouping. 4 factor variance analysis (treatment, repetition, modality, location). 
  • Correction of missing data (Yates). Mean comparison tests (Dunett, Newman & Keuls). 
  • Static and dynamic graphical regression and dispersion.
  • Statistical output directly to an Excel file. 
  • Multivariate analysis : Regressions, PCA outputs, dendrograms, distance matrices.
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