“Elaborate statistics are not substitute
for meticulous experimentation.”
G.W. Snedecor


Save time and reduce errors on the entire chain of laboratory processes


  • Track the entire chain of laboratory processes, from molecular markers sequencing to seed quality testing.
  • High level administration and access rights control.    
  • Easy to use for small teams as well as large research departments having several laboratories spread across many research stations.  
  • No programming required, to customize the software and fit your specific business rules.  


Laboratory samples

  • For quality control, pathology analysis, and phenotypical prediction.
  • Stock of material (samples, plants, tissues, reagents, markers) shared within laboratories and integrated with the material used in the breeding program.
  • Tracking of work advancement per user, resource, work station, laboratory...
  • Material tracking along the laboratory protocols (scoring, observations, genetic/phenotypic description…).



Sample flows and analysis

  • Management of genotypes, reagents and markers.
  • Definition of laboratory flow structured around protocols, experiments, stages and operations.  
  • Laboratory workstation descriptions with transmission of tasks (dilution, mixing, calibration…) or materials (plates and wells in blocks). 
  • Barcode handling for inventory and identification of samples.
  • Connections to measuring devices for automatic data capture and storage.    
  • Advanced calculations and reports for analysis of the results.
  • Routine work (production of molecular markers, analytical tests).



Molecular markers data

  • Storage of marker descriptions (sequences, marking techniques, alleles).
  • Interfaces with sequencers for automatic data storing in the database. 
  • Traceability of all transfer  information .
  • High performances for huge volumes of data stored (within 1 min. displays 100,000 * 1,000 data matrix).
  • Advanced data interfaces with external analysis tools such as R statistical software.
  • Integration of marking results with the breeding program to help segregating lines.
  • Visualize MM data thanks to dendrograms and genetic distance matrices according to Nei’s method for instance.


Focus on a success story
30 Years of collaboration with Doriane for self-pollinated vegetables and cereals breeding
« Doriane quickly understood, has well traduced and carried out Agri-Obtention IT needs. »
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