For each research project,
Doriane brings 30 years
of IT for vegetal research.

RND Experience
Handle research experiments
Tools and services for every research area
Plant breeding software
Manage isolation, creation and conservation of germplasm in the plant breeding software.

Seed Testing
Prepare the campaigns, set up the trials and analyze the results statistically to compare the varieties/hybrids.

Data Collection
Bring your fieldbook on the field, to enter observations and input automatically device measurements.

Agronomy Testing
Choose the best design and test agronomical conditions such as phytosanitary, seedlings, dryness...

Organize the chain of processes from molecular markers sequencing to seed quality testing.

Business Intelligence
Installation and training to enhance databases’ reports and analysis, and build an enterpriselevel data system.

Tools and services for every research area

Experimental method standardization enables multi-year and multi-location analysis:

  • Consideration of the experiment life cycle
  • Task, process and trial monitoring

Trial network planning and optimization based on various criterias (seed availabilities, field areas, human
resources) ; Experimental protocol and data ontology.

Management of multi-year breeding program with :

  • Lines and self-pollination
  • Breeding and behavioral nurseries
  • Custom n+1 generation coding
  • Geographic adjustment by the closest controls and latin square controls
  • Study of material by experiments at the raw, plant and genotype level
A team of agronomists and software engineers at your service
It expertise for biology research departments

Every research department IT system is unique, requires specific maintenance and its users deserve custom training to make the most of it. Our team of 15 engineers is highly experienced (30 years!) in improving the processes of various kinds of plant breeding and experimentation departments :

Organization of research data management

Support on RnDExperience: Audit, configuration, training, maintenance support

Data analysis and Business Intelligence

Project management

IT architecture assistance

Get decision-making assistance
Get of the most of your trials

Tools and processes to query the research information system: Crosses planning, experiment declaration, results analysis.

Crosses planning thanks to the visualization of crossing opportunities:
Comparison graphics and crossing matrix help make the right priorities. Many criterias taken in account : Over-year and over-location data, Seed stocks, agricultural surfaces, human resources, budget...

Experiment declaration assistance to optimize trials:
Choose from many experimental designs, optimize your controls, number of replications.

Analyze collected data
Combining ability calculation
Multivariate analysis
Data adjustment (controls)
Geographical reporting of the performances of a variety/hybrid over some agronomical areas
Standard statistical output directly in an Excel file with standard descriptive statistics:

  • Four factor variance analysis (treatment, repetition, modality, location)
  • Correction of missing data (Yates)
  • Mean comparisons (Dunett, Newman & Keuls)
  • Grouping analysis (multi-location and multi-year)
  • Graphical regression and dispersion
  • Interaction studies (GxE and GCA/SCA)
Pilot R&D Department
Optimize every activity and monitor the whole department

Research goals definition
Ressources management and financial reporting for every research program, director...

Knowledge management system
Facilitates staff integration and skill transfers between activities thanks to:

  • Sharing R&D knowledge, know-how and techniques
  • Automatisation of the work processes

Accurate access control
Smooth right management of information, feature and configuration access Function freezing for beginners learning and temporary workers

Germplasm management
Tracking of material movements, seed quantities and weight, seed lots.

Choose an industry sector for further information on your research activities :



Doriane is pleased to announce the creation of the new concept RnDExperience™, which represents the integration of customer feedback into R&D, for the three sectors Seed Industry, Technical Institutes and Cooperatives, and Food Industry.

Indeed, with the increase of the amount of information available, every person in the R&D department has to focus his or her actions on the particular information that provides value for the customer

Since its creation in 1984, with its pioneering customers from the first 10 years, Agri-Obtentions (ResV22), Unisigma (Agroex), Caussade-Semences, Desprez, Blondeau, RAGT (Catchkey), Sucrerie d’Arcis, Nestlé, France-Maïs, Agrosem, Vilmorin, Ciref, Darbonne, …, Doriane has provided tools and services for managing R&D information to small teams with fewer than 5 users, medium teams, and large teams with more than 50 users.

Gradually, the complexity of the R&D information managed has grown with the increase in the capacities of IT management tools. Doriane has provided services to integrate its software within R&D teams and existing software systems, not least of which are spreadsheets, the researcher's real do-it-all tool.

With RnDExperience™, customers have three different platforms and products available for managing R&D information, based on their technological needs, size and R&D growth strategy.

Also, in R&D organizations large enough to require an R&D IT team, the RnDExperience™ concept will encourage the real-time management (usually as a background task for IT system users) of their feedback on the use of their tools: R&D tools in general, and more specifically, IT management tools.

RnDExperience represents Doriane’s range of methods, tools and support services for Research and Development. Our applications and
IT services enable to manage, share and analyze data and processes in biotechnology and agronomy. They focus on the user’s experience
of researchers, agronomists and technicians in applied research.

Online platform dedicated to Corn, Tomato, Wheat, Cotton and Rice breeding, testing and product development . Benefits from our 30-year-old collaboration with breeders, integrating various research activities such as germplasm management, breeding, fieldtesting, laboratory testing, molecular marking analysis and seed inventory. Quick-start with standardized tools and traits (based on UPOV standards according to every species). Cost-efficiency with no IT infrastructure and software installation investment.

The solid heart of RnDExp standard software, pre - configured with standard and efficient methods for breeding, testing and product development. The best solution if your research department is ready to adapt its work processes to these methods. The ready-to-use configuration enables to save money and start the work quickly. Scalability guaranteed for new activities and possible upgrade to a RnDExp-Custom.

Customized to the research department needs and customs, this edition exploits all the potential of RnD-Exp™ standard software. The project starts with an expert audit of all activities: Our team meets yours, in order to build a specific configuration that fits with existing tools. All data and processes get integrated in a tailored and scalable solution, including IT and organizational evolutions that will lead your research department to optimize team efforts and improve security.

Offline application to record agronomic notations an Windows Pcs and tablets. Designed to rapidly and safely observe and measure a large number of items, by manual, vocal or connected input. Available in three editions to fit every research organization: FREE trial, PROFESSIONAL unlimited and ENTERPRISE with data and configuration synchronization, and improved performances. More information on

Doriane, your R&D IT partner

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About Doriane

The expertise of Doriane brings the three players of R&D the resources to organize, share and valorize their research projects:
RESEARCH DEPARTMENTS: Fast implementation of business processes ; Liberation of researchers creativity
IT DEPARTMENTS: Real-time centralization of multilocation data ; Security and integrity of data
MANAGEMENT: Maximization of research investments ; Research departments monitoring ; Intellectual assets valorization and sustainability


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